Sahaba (rahimahullah) & Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Visited My Dreams For Lunch

Pardon my speech impediment,
I’m a distant star,
Everyone thinks I got it all figured out,
Truth be told, nothing is simple,
Talking to an individual,
X, Y, A, and B float above heads,

Ready to be pressed,
Been running away from monsters,
Watched dialogue turn into epic monologues,
Behind smiles,
Brown eyes,
Dark complexion,
Lost refugee,

Eternally oppressing evil,
Can’t slow down,
Money, fun, girls, guns, and ecstasy,
Never expected stars to stop reflecting,

Struggling on a daily basis,
Not a single soul dies without,
Worse turn’s worst,
Irrelevant critics speak,
‘It will get better’,
Ignorant figures tease,
‘You got everything figured out’,

Were told,
Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,
When the world doesn’t listen,
Resurrection attempts counted,
Reincarnation fallacies,
Alive just barely,
Everyday praying to God,

Mother stares at her reflection in the mirror,
She walks on stage,
Dances and swings,
Survival money,
During break,
Holds a picture of her kids,
Five year old Tasha,
12-year-old Ziggy,

Strips and dances,
Hiding pain,
Behind blue mascara,
Wishing wings,
No one cares,
God’s aware,

One day,
Done fighting,
Behind smiles,
Child brought up,
Elderly 75,
Hiding childhood memories,

Everyone leaves eventually,
Death and destruction take note,
Everyday walking by no names,
1st Generation,
Perfectly imperfect,

Master patience,
Civil unrest,
With me or against me,
Walking blind,
Complete trust,
Depression and I,
Best friends,

Last night,
I dreamt’,
Woke up in a masjid,
Neither light nor dark in complexion,
Sun shines,
Neck gold,
Eyes soft,
Beard shaped,
Hands compassionate,

Companion performed the call to prayer,
Eyes, voice, texture of his hair,
Syrian decent,
Scars covered his body,
Individual whom the Angels become shy in front of,

After prayer,
Gathered upon a grassy hill,
Fruits and dates,
Poor man,
Wife beside,
Young girl,
Clay horse,

Drinking milk from a new-born camel’s mother,
Foam around our mouths,
We ate,

They introduced themselves,
Bilal (ra),
Khalid bin Waleed (ra),
Uthman bin Affan (ra),
Ali Talib (ra),
Fatima (ra),
Aisha (ra),
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),

Aisha (ra) asked,
‘What do you see?’
I replied,
‘I see by using what my heart feels,
My eyes can be deceived,
But if I place my trust in Allah alone,
I can never be deceived,

Because the Messenger of Allah’s Sunnah will protect me,
No matter if people believe me,
Ignore me,
If I have money or power,
Lack of,
I always have what everything in between the heavens and the earth,
He who created all things.’

Aisha (ra) played with her toy,
Ran down the hill,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stood,
Motioned me to follow,

As we sat,
Night sky transpired,
Star covered canvas,

He told me,
‘Time will come when evil exists pretending to be good,
Believers will do good deeds,
One bad deed will be the deed that guides them to hell-fire,
Continue down the middle path,
Your heart will guide you safely defeating evil pretending to be good’,

He kissed my forehead,
Eyes opened,
Behind everyone’s pain,
Beautiful story,
Lesson to learn,

Treated well,
Treated kind,
‘You’re beautiful’,

Don’t care,
Not in bed,
Magnificent death,
Reading Quran,

Behind wrinkles,
Grey hair,
Red lipstick,

Some write a suicide note,
Wish I could,
Whenever I write,
Magnificent masterpieces inspire,

Can’t find actors,
Keep searching,
Can’t wait,
Pen dries,
This is…
Here is…


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