Islam Is Not A Dog We Walk On A Leash

What is Islam?
Speech you give?
Dog you walk?
Answer to the culture you love?

Is it (a) towel you wear on your head?
Is it covering your hair?
Is it praying because you were told to do so?

Abu Hurayra (ra) reported,
Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said,
“This world is the prison of the believer,
And the paradise of the unbeliever.”

Did it answer your question?

You don’t know why you cover,
You don’t know why you pray salah,
You don’t know why you were put on this earth,


Used to walking the dog,
Unaware were the one being walked,
Words we utter, speak,
Heard, respond,
None of that reflects,
What we wear,

Asking muslimah,
Why you wear what you wear?
Why you cover your hair?
Why you choose to cover your head but flaunt legs?
Why you wear abaya?
Why is it tight and not loose?

Asking men,
Why you prostrate five times a day?
Why Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wore Saroong?
Why is important we follow?
Why do we eat with our right hand?

Common replies,
Commands from Allah (s.w.t),
Religion tells us to,
Mother and father taught me so,

Islam not a religion,
It is a way of life,
Christians religious,
Worshiping once a week,

Sahl ibn Sa’d (ra) reported,
Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said,
“Anyone who safeguards for My sake,
What is between his jaws and what is between his legs,
I will safeguard Jannah (Paradise) for him.”
[Agreed upon]

Practice everyday,
Struggling from sunrise to sunset,

Speak but don’t walk,
Walk but don’t speak,
Hear but don’t witness,
Witness but don’t hear,
Feel but don’t touch,
Touch but don’t feel,
Read but don’t understand,
Understand but don’t read,

Islam is not a dog,
It cannot be walked along the sidewalk,
Without being aware,
We are the one being walked along the sidewalk,

Islam is not a class we take,
Hoping to get an A,
After the semester is over,
Never opening the book,

Muslims forget uttering Allah (s.w.t),
Remembering His 99 names,
Reminding others of His attributes,
Islam has to be worn,
Islam has to be tied along your limbs,
Seen in your eyes,
Flow through your veins,
Not only verbally assaulting the airways,
You have to abuse the walkways,

Abu Hurayra (ra) reported,
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,
“A man follows the religion of his close friend,
So each of you should be very careful about whom he takes,
As a close friend.”
[Abu Dawud and at-Tirmidhi]

Many of us don’t recognize the importance,
Your friend doesn’t cover,
He visits downtown,
Speaks with the opposite gender,
She texts boys without pondering significance or importance,
He attends Islamic meetings yet those in attendance,
Can’t answer His questions,
She covers her head but flaunts curves,
He speaks of verses in Quran and relays hadith,
All he can see are his friends in dismay,

Muslims holding dear,
Low in Eman,
Don’t understand the basics of Islam,
Questions answered with what water reflects,
Can’t dig deep under the soil nor grab roots,

You are what your friends reflect,
You are in unison,
You are in the same boat,

Islam is not an orchard to pick from,
You cannot taste an apple,
Leave it where you picked it from,
Move on to another cherry tree,
Islam is not a stop and go gas station,
You cannot open the bag,
Yet leave it there to stand on its own,

Islam cannot be followed halfway,
It is not a way of life that one walks one-handed,
Muslims must use two hands,
Pick it up by the base,
Just as one wants to gain knowledge,
We must sit at the base of the tree,
Waiting for all the apples to drop,

Abu Umama Sudayy ibn ‘Ajlan al-Bahili (ra) said,
“I heard the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) speaking,
In the Hajj of Farewell.
He said, ‘Fear Allah,
Pray your five prayers,
Fast your month (of Ramadhan),
Pay the Zakat on your property,
And obey your leaders,
And you will enter Jannah of your Lord.”

Islam is complete,
It is not a book that one can open in the middle,
Understand what occurred before,
It is not a book that one can skip to the ending,
Obtain understanding of the introduction by only reading the conclusion,

Fast but not pray,
Cover but not fast,
Give zakat but not pray,
Pray but ignore others holding knowledge,

Islam is not a dog we walk,
It is a way of life,
We must walk and talk,
It is a gift delivering us from evil,
Wishing blessings upon palms,

Told to wash nails,
Clean between toes,
Beautifying ourselves with purity,
Not powder, make-up, or fragrance,
Not aware heels are forbidden,
Fragrance upon headscarves not allowed,

Islam must be followed completely 360,
Not 180,
Taking steps to the right,
Steps to the left,
Not sure where we are heading,

Abu Hurayra (ra) reported,
Messenger of Allah (PBUH), said,
“All of my community will enter Jannah,
Except those who refuse.”
He was asked,
“Who are those who refuse,
Messenger of Allah?”
He said, “Those who obey me will enter Jannah,
And those who disobey (disregard my sunnah) me refuse.”

Islam is not something we disagree with and not practice,
It is an invaluable object we will never fully understand,
It is a never ever ending tunnel,

Muslims not aware of what we must keep,
Not aware of what we must lose,
Only dropping that in which we disagree with,
Allah (s.w.t) commands us to do good-by following,

Our dear Prophet (pbuh) was commanded to read,
He was illiterate and couldn’t understand braille,
Ran down the moment and embraced his wife,

When we disagree with direct faith,
Vandalizing our sanctum,
Choosing to ignore and not accept,

Abu Hurayra (ra) reported,
Messenger of Allah (PBUH), said,
“It is better for one of you to take a rope,
And carry firewood on his back,
Than for him to go to a man,
To beg from him who then gives to him or refuses to.”
[Agreed upon]

Islam we carry on our back,
Never will we understand all that we were given,
Allah (s.w.t) has the ability to give and to deny,
Yet we are not allowed to drop the rope,

Muslims who understand,
I write this graffiti,
Learned from reading braille,
Blind without the ability to visualize,

Realize actual size is mineralized,
Yet lies beneath,
If you don’t believe me,
Fossilize evidence,
Pen sheds sizable letters…

You are gazing,
You are sizing the enemy,

I wish for you to decide,

Between right and left,
Between right and whats left,
Between rights and nothing left…


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