America Ain’t An Angel (Slavery Forget 9/11 Always Remember)

Wasting time isn’t part of my routine,
Not enough time so much to do,

So many words left to speak,
So many sentences left to write,

If the flag doesn’t wave,
If syllables ain’t pressed,
Actions ain’t stressed,
I don’t mean to impress,
I mean to stress,

Watching boys trying to be fresh,
Watching girls trying to address,
Ain’t nothing worse than Men and Women,
Failing to see they transgress,
Not aware the flag is not flying,
Instead of progress,
Men and women regress,

Terrible woes not afraid,
Pronounce father’s lineage,
Can’t find themselves outside,
Afraid of being one of a kind,
Oh woe is he or she,
Were told…
Tribes hold no water,
Biting your father’s privates,

World silent,
Being quiet,
Legends birthed,
Silence Golden,
Bridges ain’t built,
Minneapolis had a collapse,

Without denying,
Been told,
Stop manipulating,
Was told,
‘Go back to your country’,

Religions demoted,
Terrorism promoted,
Radicals arrived,
Muslims provided,

Truth forced into hiding,
Lies brought into lighting,
Before fighting,
What did we fail to realize?

Open arms,
Before Columbus,
Muslims kind,
Indigenous carried medicine,
Columbus miscarried violence,
Weapons replaced generosity,

Happily ever after,
Never was happy ever established,
Sadness declined invitation,
History books recorded translation,

Those who cried buried between pages,
Those who died hidden between lines,

It wasn’t long ago,
Europeans bought African women from Wall Street,
Used them as research guinea pigs,

Never had curves been seen,
Hair distinct,
Skin complexion recorded,
Thighs witnessed,
Hips mathematically angled,

European men,
Accustomed to empty craniums,
Flat ends with nothing to grasp,
Kitchens not acclimated,
In need chefs,

European men,
Never treated,
Bedrooms never designated,
Untapped passion,
In need of a nurse,

Who knew?
Realizations never imagined,
Welcome opinions,
Don’t worry,

You remind me of terrorism…

Left over slaves,
Escaped from chains,
Refuse to stand down,
Refuse to play by rules,

Race, sex, drugs, and religion,
European men and women,
Wigs and corsets,
Rich men and wives,
Whatever makes money,
Oakland citizens turned into brain-dead individuals,

Christians, Jews, and Atheists,
Muslims ain’t citizens,
Government drone bombs American Passport holders,

Jails without warrant,
Water-boards furiously,
Drugs regardless,

Your calling us terrorists,
Damn Europeans,
They ain’t Angels…


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