Insane As I Walked Hand In Hand With Mullato At Her Wake

Momentarily construed moments rationalized by Mullato’s wake,
Miraculously driving right foot on the brake,
Left foot on the gas,
Logic sitting passenger seat,
Impatiently waiting for illogical logic to speak kindly,

Instead, logic became discombobulated,
Stepped out of the rolled down,
Half witty window,
‘She’s $ucking insane’,

Haphazardly walking Mullato hand in hand,
Understanding illogical logic as insanity understands misaligned toes,
Perfect extra crystalized eye-lids,
Beautiful butterflies,

Illogical Jack motioned for logical Daniel to tip-toe,
Caressing Mullato’s cheek-bone,
Eye color travels,
Time machine caught between rainbows,
Color of funk,
Stands ocean side,
Swallowing Baby Blue antenna’s,

She drinks Scotch,
Spoke Irish,
Angry at Blue Whales,
Wears an Oxygen Mask,
Nasal Cavity blocking heart valves,

Mullato’s anger witnessed saturated sugar,
Skin tone generated ontological dislike for mind-boggling genetic tissue,
Issue wasn’t that she basked in the sun from her Wake,
She had been basking backwards witnessing wallets missing,

Retina’s exchanged broken compassion in exchange for rough persuasion,
Dressed exotic transgression,
Mullato arrived walking across hollow bathtubs,
Upper torso visited heaven,
Bottom torso complete,
Angels prostrated to legendary angles,

Only two people understand (her) logic,
Insanity tapped illogical logic,
Mullato arrived drunk,
Insanity consumed,
Logic presumed sanity,


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