Michael Brown

I am…

Palestinian, Syrian, Somalian, Mexican, Nigerian, American, White, Black, Native American, Young, Old, Free, (a) Slave, Buried, Killed, (a) father, (a) mother, (a) brother, (a) sister, forgotten, Remembered, (a) Legend…

I am…

that 10 year old child watching his house bulldozed by Israeli’s,
that mother of 5 holding her child as my husband is shot in the back of (the) head,
that 10 year old boy holding a BB gun afraid of police,
that innocent child shot to death by officers trained to kill not protect,
that gang in America birthed from (the) Black Panthers,
that child birthed from Fredrick Douglas,
that masked hero waiting for time to strike,
that woman seeking revenge after you killed my baby,

I am…

Crazy, Insane, Insanity, Genius, Split Personality, Repeated History…
(the) night, (the) day, (the) stars, (the) moon,
reflection of shadows writing down habits of enemies,
vengeance dressed in a bow,
I am…(not) the president,
I am…(the) president,
(the) executioner, justice, redemption,

I am…

black, white, can’t see right,
turn right, two wrongs don’t make a right,
(your) worst enemy, best friend, stranger, sibling,
innocent blood shed, slain cops,
innocent (Blacks) sentenced by white judges,

fight, aggression, anger, depression,
slavery, death, secrets, lies,
Atlantic Burial Site,

streets of America, Black Panthers,
Huey Newton, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G,
Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela,

I am…

life, truth, honesty, aggression,
independent, against oppression, rage,
clenched fist, from the bottom,
(in) prison, tortured, never going to forgive,

waiting for (my) people to be paid,
waiting for (my) people to break out of chains,
waiting for (my) people to revolt,
waiting for (my) people to play Bob Marley…


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