Why You Don’t Trust?

(p.s: it has nothing to do with her being a ‘hoe’ or him being a ‘player’)

Build a bridge with trust,
It falls when you suspect,

Between you and your significant other…

I suspect there is no trust,
‘Give me your phone’,
‘What is your password’,

Let’s discuss…

Before I break your trust,
Before he breaks your trust,
Before she breaks your trust,

Before you break my trust…
Trust was (already) broken…

Ask for my password,
Read my text messages,
Signs of mistrust,

Hurt once,
Afraid to get hurt again…

Endorsing hallmark cards,
Secrets not secrets until you give them legs,

Afraid to change,
Afraid he cheats,
Afraid she deceives,

Both men and women commit transgressions,
Man seeks mistresses,
Women the mistresses,

No trust,
Reading comments,
Facebook messages,
Profiles blocked,
Google my name,
Biography pops up,

Not sure if you know,
Indeed he loves,
For sure she loves,
Getting close,
Take a chance,

What you didn’t know,
Meant never to be found,
God hid for it for a reason,
When you investigate,
Everyone gets hurt,

Gonna’ be honest,
Instagram, Tumbler,
Facebook, MySpace,
It don’t matter,

Girls owners of multiple pages,
Boys can’t help commenting under pictures,
Hash-tags and sweet words,

If your internet connects to (his/her) Wi-fi,
All I gotta’ do is check (your) phone’s GPS,
Whose house was on 6th?
Did you forget to turn on 9th?

Trust makes or breaks relationships,
If you can’t trust him,
Don’t start one,
If you can’t trust her,
Don’t start one,

Find someone when he leaves for the shower,
His phone on the bed,
You don’t need to search for reasons (to leave),
Find someone when she leaves for the shower,
Her phone on the bed,
You don’t need to search for reasons (to leave),

We receive what were worth,
We receive what we are,
We receive what we become,
We receive what we became…

If you met him in a club,
Swapped positions and honor,
You got what you deserve,
He ain’t nothing but a pimp,
You his short-term hoe,

If you found her in a club,
Swapped positions and honor,
You got what you deserve,
She ain’t nothing but seduction,
You her short-term addiction,

Only way to trust,
Leave his phone alone,
Leave her phone alone,
You gotta’ meet in the right place,

How often does she miss salah?
How many times a day does he go to the masjid?
Is he willing to read Quran with you?
Is she willing to memorize hadith with you?
Does he follow sunnah?
Does she follow sunnah?

Don’t blame anybody for mistrust,
It ain’t anyone’s fault (but yours),
Reason why you can’t trust,
You ain’t following Allah (s.w.t),
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),
Nor the message…


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