United States: Cabinent of Pigs

Post Jim Crow, Abraham Lincoln never emancipated the slaves,
Twenty-eight racially ‘black’ profiled individuals,
27 Male and 1 Female killed by Pigs, Security Guards,
Self-Appointed “Keepers of the Peace”,

January 1st (2012) through March 31st (2012),
28 instances U.S sanctioned or justified the murder of Black people,
18 unarmed, 2 carried firearms, 8 allegedly carried non-lethal weapons,
28 murders committed by countries biggest gang,
11 innocent, 7 emotionally disturbed,
10 engaged in illegal activity,
Use of non-lethal force ignored,

Donald Johnson, New Orleans, 21
Duane Brown, Brooklyn, 26
Angelo Clark, Little Rock, 31
Steven Rodriguez, Monterrey Park, 22
Christopher Kissane, Cyphress Hills, 26
Atwain White, Brooklyn, 17,
Stephon Watts, Chicago, 15
Remarley Graham, Bronx, 18
Manuel Loggins Jr., San Clemente, 31
Johnnie Kamahi Warren, Dotham, 43
Trayvon Martin, Sanford, 17
Raymond Allen, Galveston, 34
Justin Sipp, New Orleans, 20
Dante Price, Dayton, 25
Melvin Lawhorn, Kershaw, 26
Bo Morrison, West Bend,, 20
Nehemiah Dillard, Gainesville, 29
Wendell Allen, New Orleans, 20
Michael Lembhard, Newburgh, 22
Marquez Sart, Wichita, 23
Jersey Green, Aurora, 37
Robert Dumas Jr., Maple heights, 42
Kedrec Lavelle McDade, Pasadena, 19
Ervin Jefferson, Atlanta, 18
Sheron Jackson, Baltimore, 21
Tendai Nhekairo, Atlanta, 18
Rekia Boyd, Chicago, 22

This is why Pigs are Pigs…

New foundation,
Constitution out-dated,
Human Rights,
Old White Men,
Justification arrived,
1/10th human,

‘Are you inciting riots’,
I recite history lines,
Europeans dumped Tea overboard,
Called liberation,
Latino, Chicano, Cuban,
Indigenous ask for land back,
Indentured servitude,
Work ain’t free,
Unanswered slavery,

Response given,
Shoot who retaliates,
Kill revolutionaries,
White House lawn watered,
Streets cleaned with innocent blood,
Curfew not officially established,
State and Senate hidden motives,
Obama not from (the) streets,
Check his transcript…
More white than Wonder Bread…

Nothing gonna’ change,
We gotta’ take old ways,
Establish roots,
Stop riding buses,
Government buildings racist,
Discrimination by institution,

Toss’ tables,
Flip’ books,
Wear masks,
Trample White House Lawn,
Take Police Departments,

Become People for the People…

We ain’t close,
Living old days,
Nooses hang…


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