Folks Flunked Parenting…I Stand By Friends

Inconsistent, seem to be concentrating but never listening,
Busy talking before thinking, biting the bullet,
Became afraid of dreaming, never at attention,
Stand at attention, become the change you want accomplished,

After all this writing, I realized my parents never connected THE DOTS,
Wanting Doctor to be placed to the left of my name,
Forgetting, I am sitting in front of the teacher,

Publishing pedigrees I never accomplished,
Law never my specialty,
Forgive me not, for failing chemistry,
GROUNDED me for flunking biology,

I cheated on every MATH final,
Call me a liar, I ain’t nothing but an honest philosopher,
Sought adventure before addressing political theory,
I didn’t want to be an accountant,
Never wanted to wear a tie,

My parents didn’t do wrong, problem number one,
Ignored endorsing childhood dreams,
When I was 10, my adopted Mother spoke wisdom,
If you wanna’ be the change you want to see accomplished,
You gotta’ be the guidance to let others know times are changing,

I had been questioned that day by my teacher,
‘Would you jump off the bridge if someone else did’,
Arrow to the heart, Stephen escaped death,
God sent him back,

Little man I was,
Over-sized steel toe boots, didn’t justify the system,
My heart never liked tradition, encountered wrong,
Sought justice, told speak up against injustice,

I raised my hand, watched paper stick men climb mountains,
They grabbed my veins climbing tree branches,
Ten years old, imagining World Trade Center victims,
I told my teacher, ‘of coarse I would’,

He replied back, ‘so you follow the crowd’,
I corrected him, ‘I don’t follow nor justify your ways,
If someone jumps, I jump to save,
If he or she lives, God gave me the chance’,

Spoke of Huey, you shot down words,
Reminded me, great leaders die,
I tried bringing Biko, Mandela, King,
Only words you used were those dreams never came true,
Become a professional, have a family, find happiness,

As a crazed child, I came with PAC, BIG, NWA,
Pubic Enemy, KRS1, DMX,
You thought I was smoking, but I was dreaming of a better future,
Wishing for my generation to make a difference,

I remember being told, speak up against injustice,
But when I did, you quieted the microphone,
Told me, ‘we don’t speak three things in this house,
Sex, politics, and religion’,

I don’t understand, quoting PAC,
‘We got gym but no sex education’,
Floor hockey, volleyball, White people sports,
Outside we got high school girls having babies,
Boys becoming fathers, shadows in children’s lives,

Can’t talk about politics nor the ideology you believe and preach,
Was built on the mass murder of indigenous,
No religion to believe, non practicing Catholic and Jew,
When I became Muslim, it was as if the end of the world crept on our doorstep,

All I wanted was to learn how to walk before I was old enough to talk,
Learn how to read before someone taught me how to think,
Wanted to understand history, before someone asked me to plan my future,

I only wish for you not to make the same mistake,
Don’t judge based on what you don’t understand,
Some may see me talking to women but don’t hear what were saying,
Calling us disbeliever and apostate, even though I am witnessing purity,

Sure I am talking to a stripper, talking to a baby Momma of four kids,
She’s an escort in Minneapolis, sometimes does tricks on Lake and 9th,
Wears independent woman under stockings and ripped clothes,
She needs money in order to eat, can’t get a job because Men became animals,

You don’t understanding Chemistry,
I understood what it means to watch parents overdose from Coke,
From a young age I wished for you to approve,
I don’t need your blessing,
I wished for you to be by my side,

My friends drug dealers, misfits, prostitutes, escorts, gang-bangers,
Thieves, loan sharks, pimps, and strippers,
I know that life, lived that life,
Torturing drug smugglers they became greedy,

But now days, I wish peace, I want to spread peace,
I wish to advise and plant seeds from Allah (s.w.t),

So when you see me around those who need me,
Don’t get jealous, your my brother in Islam,
Don’t get greedy, your faults are hidden by Allah (s.w.t),

My people deserve a chance to have the same gift,
I wish that you would stand next to me,
If you choose not to,
I ain’t worried…


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