Why Must I Remember? Drone On A Wedding Caravan

Streets, what must I call you?
Do I remember your smell?
How you tasted?
Do my senses remember how high I became?
You were my addiction,

I can’t stop thinking about you,
I keep being reminded,
My eyes closed, stitched shut,
Feet from little ones start from the outside,
Causing first stitch inside,
Toes short, dirty chipped gold,
Child in a tire’s interior rolled down the street,

My mind enraged with empty trenches,
Alone fighting a war against empty trenches,
Not sure who I am fighting, who I should be remembering,
Should I be watering footprints with tears from Holy Mary’s,
Behind each limb, each frail, green and orange soldier falls,
Should I find tattered clothing at the base of trees?

From midnight till the next, hearing bombs drop,
Individual strands of hair drop from a child’s hairline,
Same time bombs drop arriving at destination ground zero,
Should I be remembering?
Watching asteroids in formation of stars and stripes,
Whistle across horizontal eye-sight,
Slowly undisclosed head of 2 billion dollars,
Shining bright from sun’s glare off a clipped eagle’s wing,

I couldn’t understand why I remembered?
Faces creep into bed-sheets,
How bodies resemble butchered animal meat hooks,
Each corner of the globe landed an arm or a leg,
Watching White sheets, children singing Nasheed,
Father carrying daughter,
Husband carrying mother,
Heard the sound of an engine’s roar,
Sound familiar,
Heart-beats became strangers,

Why must I remember?
Bumping into one of our sisters today,
Eyes filled with buzzer beater courage,
Memories flooded back into memory,
Hearing not horror film screams but God Is Great,
Allah Akbar rotated 360 degrees between each tooth,

Why must I remember?
Tip of the pen released red ink upon landscapes,
Nothing left but a mushroom cloud reaching corners of space,
Why do I remember?
Voices ringing out,
Running into our sister today,
Walked without constraint,
Masked Fourth of July every night,
Why must I remember?


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