Visiting An Egyptian Oracle

We repeat ourselves,
For example,
‘Your beautiful, your beautiful, your beautiful’,
You see…

If we watch sunrises everyday it will turn 4am,
If we watch sunsets everyday it will turn 4pm,

We walked into an oracle’s tent,
Red lace veins,
Crystalized rose petals dance softly,
Lack of gravity, thorns break slaves,
Cotton can’t soften edges,
Chiseled teeth sharper,
Tongues longer…

Everyday we wake up, wake up, wake up,
Forgetting the reason why we slept,
You see…

I couldn’t figure out why when I walked,
Toes covered sheer silk and pleasure,
Sand felt distant sand paper,
Distant precious kisses,
Performed as a tattoo artist,
Tongue the needle,
Lacing my skin with the tip of her PEN…

If we walk, we walk, we walk,
Losing destination or why we left,
You see…

Sitting in her lair,
Chair covering intestines tiny atom cameras,
Orange camel tracks planted heavenly along her skin’s Trail of Tears,
Nails sharpened without the intent of genocide,
From right to left,
Her eyes shined bright reflecting silver light upon silver knives,
Burning leftover nail bits to a crisp,

Students study, study, study,
Confusing what they should learn with what Texas intended,
You see…

I smelled left-over cigarette smoke,
Covered her bottom facial reflection with misplaced trust,
Afraid of decorating insides with the color of her lipstick,
How her nose curved along the inside edge of golf club,
Her eyes saturated salt from fresh, emancipating oil from minds,

Washing hands after over and over, over and over,
Touching the bathroom handle, touching ourselves,
You see…

Couldn’t escape prison attached to my soul seen in her palm,
Chain-mail plated chests linked chains from wrists,
Placed hands between plate tectonics,
Each rib held a Gypsy card, 24 births, 24 deaths,
Her eyes counted each heart beat,
Her hands moved causing tremors,
Interior design emancipated fragile bones,

Making love over and over, over and over,
You see…

Oracle dressed the color of grass after genocide,
Stole Aztec gold, rim of her dress pleaded sacrifice,
Every time she pulled a card,
Her nails dug deep within the corners of my mind,
Shadows jumped behind post-offices sending letters,
Mind and chest played hopscotch between heart valves,

We continue to live and live and live,
Forgetting oxygen does not signify life,
You see…

Placed herself within life and death,
Sat herself between hills and valleys,
Feeling warmth from children and fore-fathers,
Palms blessed with grace intended shadows to take,
I couldn’t escape from eye-lashes,
THEY acted as feathers gliding across my chest,
Behind her mask rose petal thorns poisoning causing numbed discomfort…


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