Emmett Till Ain’t Dead

Time running without shoes, without gravity,
Dressed to impress without liberation I ain’t motivated,
Impossible to tie my Jordans, trying to switch into Converse,
Stuck between atoms, between sugar or without,
Without red, white, and blue,
These shoe-laces speak louder than my feet,

Nike check mark,
Stopped at this check-mark,
His badge glistened in the sun,
Pretended to play football in Texas under stadium lights,

His eyes hid behind glasses,
As the moon crosses the path with our sun,
His eyes correlated red abstract food dye,
How is hands look, not use to winter African hand’s crack this winter,
No offense taken, his badge cut as deep as a doctor’s surgical scalpel,
His hat’s edges laid foundation for running in circles,
His prisoners ran laps on the brim of his hat, calling them ‘son’

If you have ever seen his teeth, how they outnumber scripture verses,
Unnaturally white, not bleach but creeping between White Clouds and Ghetto Streets,
He is the country folk grilling deer but wasting life, wearing white sheets,
Cruel are his shoulders, like a camel’s back not understanding he has a crooked spine,

This man standing in front of high school gates, trimming rusty copper from edges,
He stands behind swing sets taking golf swings through empty seats,
Writing names of unwanted passengers,

This man never satisfied, never clenching thirst,
Programmed to evoke watermelons and stereotypes birthed from stomach pains,
Was given pamphlets produced from old iron printing presses,
His thick mustache, clean face fresh from Academy,
Taught slang, his lineage built a fence around concentration camps,

Pardon my french, sometimes love is blind,
Sometimes justice is covered up by the symbol on car doors,
Old roots never die, never dug out of the ground,
Protecting hands wearing gloves,
If the glove doesn’t fit, it doesn’t mean you ain’t Pinocchio’s cousin,

Prison guards without fear use ‘$igger’, only a few in the world get away,
Having white skin and refrain from using ‘$igga’,

See..I was stopped at the street light,
It was veterans day and THE MAN stopped me,
Afraid of his Glock, children in the back scream ‘poe-poe are coming,
We gotta’ hide, five – o,’

Worse comes to worse they ain’t afraid to say it, ‘$igger lover’,
Catch my drift, I ain’t one to drift without having reason to shift,
I watched as Obama kept the White House fence White,
I couldn’t figure out why so many people ignore every Emmett Till,

Finger-pointing travesty of one over the travesty of others…

Kimani Gray,
Kendrec Mcdade,
Timothy Russel,
Ervin Jefferson,
Amadou Diallo,
Patrick Dorismond,
Ousmane Zongo,
Timothy Stansbury Jr,
Sean Bell,
Orlando Barlow,
Aaron Campbell,
Victor Steen,
Steven Eugene Washington,
Alonzo Ashley,
Ronald Madison,
James Brissette,
Travares Mcgill,
Ramarley Graham,
Oscar Grant,

See…this man walked up in boots,
So black even Nigerians said, ‘damn, those are black’,
Shined the night before, this man used sweat from the noose he kept,

This man walked up cleverly, our windows underwater without having to sink,
Water creeping in as the freedom ride buses burnt by White Folks,
He motioned for me to step-out, I motioned for him to step-forward,
You had to have been…
Had to have smelled what hid under vocal chord construction,
Dreadful smell of dead skeletons across Nevada highway,

My window half-way, His hand crept between inches of space,
‘Registration and insurance please’, unlike any other incident,
Without crime punished loyalty, condemned death faithfully,
His hand took the keys from the ignition, his squad-mates practicing night before,
Lined up Scar-face and Godfather precision,

Emmett Till sitting next to me, Trayvon Martin sitting behind me,
Forefathers of past nationalities sat on my dashboard,
Hanging upon my mirror cemeteries declare,
Dangerous love affair, not sensual but organized crime without jail time,

Organized condemnation, ability to breathe under water,
Without time to decide, Till wrapped memories around irregular earlobes,
Emmett used silent gestures in place of granite impact from courageous grenades,

Without favor, improbable odds, I witness infallible sounds…

Car sunk under weight…
Underwater tied barbwire…
Beaten with baseball bats…
Talking to a white girl…


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