Perfectly Imperfect Qualities Ignored

As I get older, my love gets stronger,
No matter what people say about losing hope,
All I need is the reminder I was created,
Created from love by my creator who created perfect imperfections,

Most people take decades to learn imperfections make perfection,
Her nose doesn’t match Victoria Secret’s commercial models,
Other times disregarding his character because weight apparent,

I am going to be real…
Your list,
Women who keep a checklist,

This many feet, that many cars,
House like this, job like that,

Men not without blame,
Checklist you keep,
10 out of 10,

You ask for enough *ss to balance a cup of water,
Curves to fill sidewalk cracks,
Rack to satisfy empty craniums,

This isn’t what God intended,
Every creation has scars, broken bones, and memories…

Everyday I hear sisters thrown aside,
Overweight, freckles, hair not long enough to pull during *ex,
Doesn’t wear make-up, needs help how to dress,
Wears men’s basketball shoes, doesn’t own a dress,
Man tossed aside because he has dimples,
Short and stubby, doesn’t know how to walk with swag,
Can’t dress, needs mother’s help how to be fashionably upsetting,
Neither play sports, can’t make a free-throw,
Doesn’t know positions in futbal,

Saddens me we have lost hope in beautiful love between imperfect creatures,
We seek perfect love not realizing no such thing exists,

It saddens me we have African sisters bleaching skin,
Sisters not realizing they are beautiful creations,
Not realizing dark skin is a gift,
Angels prostrating no matter how dark or light God made you,

It saddens me we got brothers acting without understanding they don’t need to pretend,
Gotta’ act ghetto, talk disrespectfully,
Walk unprofessionally, shorts down backsides,

We lost sight of beauty…

She stands tall, guys at shoulder-length,
Awkward kiss at her wedding, husband stands on a chair,
Sister excellent in math, wears glasses,
Called four eyes and bug-eyed,
She loves bugs and everything in and under soil,
Young brother loves fashion,
Into making others look beautiful with fabric,
He ain’t gay but society makes all things related to Barbie and Ken as such,
Can’t talk to girls, has a lisp, and gets cross-eyed,
Lazy eyed girl ignored and can’t find a lunch table,

I can’t live in a world where beautiful creations ignored,
Beautiful children made perfectly imperfect by our maker purposely,

They are perfect seeds meant to grow in dark soil,
With all this intended, it became disrespectful to pick one of them as a spouse,
He isn’t the top athlete, doesn’t have abs,
Able to hold your hand and give you the feeling your walking on water,
She is able to calm anger by holding your chin,

Nothing in this world can justify this beauty,
Nothing at all…


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