To The TSA Agent Who Called My Macawiis A Dress After I Corrected Him

Wrists share conversation with paper clips,
Calculating temperature below zero,
Chairs kicked down doors blowing Alaska winds,
Thighs peaked near teen degrees,
Airport security imploring dreadful tactics,

Wearing green and gold history,
Not fabric,
Not clothes worn and washed,

My macawiis,
More powerful than Jesus’s (pbuh) Cruci-fiction,
Historical context,
Family crest,

Sitting between Moses (pbuh) separating the sea,
Guards holding ground as Roman armies approach,

General I Think I Know Everything,
Without an army medal-less valor,
Tides closing,
War lost,
Battle begun,

Buttons shined,
Fingertips without tips,
Knob-less doors swinging in the wind,

First words,
‘Nice dress’,
Only sentence,
‘It is called a ‘macawiis”,

General silent,
Proxies scratching his back,
Coat hangers broken,
Hanging on to self-worth,

‘Where did you get it,
Mother’s closet’,

My tongue didn’t want to impress,
Didn’t want to transgress,
Didn’t want to derail progress,

My ‘macawiis’ spoke…
Musa (pbuh) found by Pharaoh’s wife…
My ‘macawiis’ swam up-stream without paddling…

‘Shiny your head sparkles,
Clever remarks don’t wish wrinkles or creases,
You can’t induce,

I borrowed from your mother’s open door policy,
I borrowed each texture from each ex-boyfriend from your mother’s past,
I borrowed each color from the number of wives you’ve had,

Horizontal lines,
Tactical rendezvous secretly knitted from the amount of times you cheated on your 3rd wife,

My dress a gift,
Woven by soil your forefathers destroyed,
Hand-tossed by Italians who tried conquering land,

If you can’t deduce,
I stole medals,
Borrowed comrade’s fallen weapon and ammunition’,

Skies dark,
Oceans collapsed…

‘Right now would be a good time to ask if your mother is missing a dress…


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