If It Means Your Batman And I’m Robin? So Be It…

If you ever have watched a poet long for love,
It is like watching a mad-man plead sanity in front of a court of sane individuals,
It is finding out the mad-man is sane while he pleads his case in front of insane individuals,

In this case,
I wish to plead my case from sanity to insanity,
I wish to plead my case from logical to intellectual,
I wish to plead my case from illogical to rational,

In the beginning it was similar to finding a broken toy,
Kids know it doesn’t work,
But the kid who found his love knows it works without a doubt,
He is specific on qualifications that the children adores every aspect,

Just as a poet adores each reflection of every reaction,
Just as a poet admires each flaw as flawless and each crease as passionate scars,

I wish to protect that in which deserves admiration,
I wish to hold that in which deserves a resting place,

It ain’t hard to understand,
I can’t put down the pen without finishing what my eyes see as spectacular design,
Improbable articulation shares miracles as framework,

Intelligent design implies the creator understand angles,
Allah (s.w.t) understands obstacles,
He understood what it means to share handrails,

If you ever get derailed from the position of might let me hold you in place,
Let me balance your feet from stepping into enemies airspace,

I wish to protect you from artillery shells,
I wish to shield you from others,
I wish to sling reaction shots with initials,

Just as many brothers have done before,
It is safe to say that I work unethically,
I work without ethic,
I work through the night not able to sleep until I please,
I can’t sleep until I please my maker,

Your worth pleasing out of the love I have for my maker,
Your worth blessing and becoming hero and sidekick with,
I want to be Robin and you Batman,
I want to be Pinky and you Brain,
I don’t mind being second,
I only wish to catch you when you lose footing,

I don’t know how to explain ,
I don’t know how to capitalize without exercising freedom of speech,
I don’t know how to release intelligence without proclaiming philosophy,

In order for me to make change,
I gotta’ send quotes,
I gotta’ send love for who I long to die with,

I keep looking for God,
I keep seeking Allah (s.w.t) so prayers can be answered,
Without breaking His word,
I keep answering commands,
I keep hitting the nail on the head,
I wish to protect you from becoming the nail,
I wish to help you become a hammer in a world full of sharp edges,

I keep pretending that I am irrelevant to discomfort,
I keep trying to deceive intellect,
I keep trying to ignore what is duty to react to,
I keep finding your heart grows each day that blood flows from vessel to vessel,
I keep dreaming Allah (s.w.t) witnesses your savage attack at never giving up,

I ain’t ever going to give up on pushing you into seats of accomplishments,
I ain’t ever going to give up on describing what it means to be the reflection of the greatest creation of Allah (s.w.t),

Without a doubt no matter eye-liner worn,
No matter pearls hanging from your neck,
No matter if roses become thorns in my side,

If it counts for anything,
I don’t want you to become a used object in a world full of mechanics,
I don’t want you to become a used car in a world full of bad drivers,

I wish to help you seek awareness between happiness and struggle,
I wish to be the one who answers cries and calls of laughter,
I wish to be the one who helps pick out what you wear every morning,

I understand that it ain’t much but I hope this becomes very little,
I hope it becomes nothing but spices,
Making the rest of your life as beautiful it was projected in trajectory…


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