Simple Love (Take A Walk If You Want True Love)

Asking for love,
Life ain’t a love story,

If I gotta’ fall in love,
It won’t be true love,

I know what I like,
People tell me,
It’s about what you need,
How about what Allah (s.w.t) blessed?

Old ways forgotten,
New ways tell us,
We gotta’ wear diamonds,
Enough money to feed an African village,
That ain’t me joking,

Materialistic women,
Take a walk,
Can’t understand simple living,
Take a walk,

I got one friend,
Her name Islam,
I got one father,
His name Adam (pbuh),
I got one brother,
His name Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),
I got one sister,
Her name Fatima (ra)
I got one mother,
Her name Aisha (ra),
I got one creator,
His name Allah (s.w.t),

What I want isn’t love,
What I need is companionship,

What Allah (s.w.t) decreed is half of my Deeen,
What Allah (s.w.t) created was my perfect match,

It doesn’t come without complications…

Diamond rings,
Embroider clothes,
Victoria secret,
That ain’t love…

If you’re a woman with high standards,
Take a walk,
If you’re a woman who ignores Allah’s (s.w.t) 99 names,
Take a walk,

Simple Love,
Walking side by side,
Hand-washing clothes side by side,
Hanging clothes side by side,
Drinking water side by side,
Obtaining water from the well side by side,

Simple Love,
Playing futbal side by side,
Running side by side,
Walking under the hot sun side by side,
Sitting under trees for shade side by side,
Sharing food in the grass side by side,

Simple Love,
Walking children to the masjid side by side,
Walking children to school side by side,
Walking home after a long day of class side by side,
Walking home without the need for a car side by side,

Driving from point A to point B in seconds,
Missing conversation Allah (s.w.t) blessed between two points,
Telling stories,
Drawing movies,
Voicing concerns,

Bush People receive bad rap…

If you are materialistic,
Take a walk,

I want Love,
I need Simple Love,

I ask for Love exemplifying Allah’s (s.w.t) 99 names,
I ask for Love magnifying humility from what we lack,

My mother,
My father,
My brother,
My sister,
My friend,
My creator,

They all taught me what it meant to live,
What took months takes days,
What took days takes hours,

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) described technology and travel,
“The Dajjāl uses a special kind of donkey possessing two enormous ears,
Each of which is at least 30 arms-lengths,
Moving in the skies,
With the clouds so near he can reach them with his hand,
And it travels faster than the sun going to its sunset.”
(Mentioned in Kanz ul-`Ummal and `Uqd ad-Durrar, Imam al-Maqdisi)

Love recognizing technology for what it is,
Love recognizing shaitan and materialistic tendencies,

Bushman mindset,
Poor man’s dream,

Simple love…
Not dreaming,
True love…
Only dreaming,

Waking up next to the woman of my dreams,
Smelling fresh air and not pollution in the air,

Walking to work,
Walking to the masjid,
Walking children to school,
Walking balancing food and water,
Walking under the sun,

Smiling from a hard days work,
Setting our gaze to the horizon,

Thanking Allah (s.w.t) and His 99 names…


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