All White People Are Racist But Not All Racist Are White

White people without uttering words,
Every Black person looks the same,
Truth be told,
Every White person looks the same,

Can’t say that,
Haven’t measured facial features,
All White people are racist,
Not all racist are white,
Get me?

How can it be?
I ain’t racist,
I have Black friends,
I don’t discriminate,
I love Black people,
I reflect Dr. Kings message,

Can we tell the world revolves on its axis?
Can we tell the trees change color before autumn?
All White people are racist ain’t a general statement,
It takes honesty,
It takes comfort,
It takes accountability,

People understand European roots,
People understand European routes,
Same roots from England to Americas,
Same routes through the Atlantic lays buried secrets,

Could it be love why I reflect?
Could it be love why I speak truth?
Doesn’t take words,
Doesn’t take published work,
Doesn’t take slavery,
Doesn’t take nooses,
Only takes acceptance of DNA…

Taught upon every rock,
White people lived,
Number one,
Men of God,
Barbarians speak multiple languages,

Call me White,
Call me Bravanese,
Either way,
Truth spoken…

Attention White People,
Bill Maher,
Hilary Clinton,
George Bush,
White America,
Country folks,
Say it with me,
‘I am racist’,

It ain’t east to admit,
White woman walking down the street,
Spots two on-coming Black males,
Takes the opposite side of the street,

It ain’t easy to admit,
When a Black couple walk into a dining hall,
Fancy Wall Street folks asking,
Are you lost?

It ain’t easy to admit,
When a group of kids and only one Black friend,
White kids gotta’ act funny,
Can I say the ‘N’ word?

It ain’t easy to admit,
Black kids in school get the best grades,
White kids and the teacher included,
How did that happen?
Your supposed to be good at basketball not reading or math?

All White people racist,
True statement,
Not all racist are White,
True statement,


Understand I’m Muslim,
Only shown love,
Never treated differently,
Opposites attract,
Oh Boy I was wrong!

Driving through White neighborhoods,
Stopped by the Police within seconds for not belonging,
You guys lost?
Ghetto around the corner,
These houses are for Rich White Folks,
Your people can’t afford them,

No matter where we go,
What institution we speak,
All White people are racist,
Not all racist are White,

Businesses and employment,
Don’t get me started,
Cindy gets a call back,
She has less qualifications,
European descent privilege the best qualification,

Don’t think we forgot,
Difference of pay,
White males and White women,
77 cents to the dollar against White women,
Imagine how much it is against Black women…

When your saying you ain’t racist,
You’re lying,
All White people are racist,
Are you willing to admit it…


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