Lust Is Winning & Allah (s.w.t) Is Testing

Lust is small,
Lust has overcome,
Lust sneaks into churches, masjids, and synagogues,
Lust creeps between lines causing mayhem,

Has creation believing God is small,
Has Muslims watching Netflix more than reading Quran,
Has brothers visualizing lingerie under what she wears,
Has sisters lusting for 10 out 10’s when world full of 5 out of 10’s,

Has brothers seeking acceptance of dua,
Afterwords got brothers seeking numbers after Jummah,
Has sisters acting like boy the ones who lust,
Hiding text messages filled with naughty word counts,
Has sisters ignoring phone calls saved as ‘don’t answer’,

Lustful passion connect four,
Days of the week never boring,
Connecting dots,
Connecting all fours,

Lust had me running from hillside to hillside,
Learned Lust’s middle name,
Shaitan’s last name,
Waiting for perfect time to strike,
Singing in Choir,
Hiding from the rest,
She’s been hoe-ing,
Sneaking between shoulder-blades,
Tricking brothers,
You didn’t wash her scent off,

Lust acts innocent,
Giving intent and it’s all worth it,
Best feeling you’ll every get,
No feeling will ever meet,

Able to creep between shoe-laces,
Able to wonder between bachelor and doctorate diplomas,
Able to gaze in eyes of sheikhs, scholars, and mufti’s,
Able to visualize appetite in believers,

I learned from the best,
I learned from darkness,
I learned from organized crime,
I learned from having someone on top,

Lust has us depicting size means everything
Lust has men asking curves in all the right places,
Lust has men dreaming women plastic and desire,
Lust has women inquiring man’s instrument size,
Lust has women seeking dreams,

In every poem,
I tell the truth,
I came from nothing,
Became Muslim,
Still struggling,

I became a believer,
Doesn’t mean I don’t struggle,
Walking down the street women pass,
Disbeliever or Muslimah hard to resist,
Allah (s.w.t) blesses me with strength,
Other times Shaitan wins the fight,
At the end of the day,
Allah (s.w.t) wins the war,
I prostrate in sujood,

I know what it is like,
Disease of the heart,
Lust has women hiding facts,
Factual evidences ain’t skinny,
Fat facts have us hiding truth,

Lust has sisters wearing heels implying baby got back,
Lust has sisters wearing platforms making back apparent,
Lust has sisters applying make-up making kisses sweeter,
Lust has sisters applying push-ups, tissues, and bright colors attracting attention,

Like I said,
I ain’t perfect,
Sold drugs,
Knew what it meant to have tricks,
Video vixen knew how to please,
Watched guns and drugs,
Traded places with Elmo and Big Bird,
Part of the bomb squad,
Right hand unzipped back of the dress,
Left hand undressed under-wire,
Both hands worked themselves between landing strips,

Lust never sees it coming,
Lust never stops coming,
Lust never turns down assignments,

Muslims ain’t bridge brigades,
Muslims ain’t different from the rest,

I learned from the best,
I learned from Quran,
I learned from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Companions (May Allah Be Pleased With Them All),
I learned from all the Prophets (peace be upon them all),

Prophet Yusuf (pbuh) seduced by a man’s wife,
I ain’t saying I’m similar,
He was a great man,
I’m saying we are in similar situations,
Shaitan trying to seduce,
I ain’t lying,
I ain’t perfect,
Only way to deliver evil from evil,
Be consumed by truth,
Tested by falsehood,
Fall and praise He who created light,
Asking how to resist darkness,

Lust it ain’t nothing new,
Lust has brothers and sisters fighting,
Lust has brothers treating sisters like nothing,
Lust has sisters treating brothers like animals,

Hellfire made up of a majority of whom?
Women created from whose rib?
Lust has us forgetting we are fighting the same evil,
Lust has us blaming one another,
Lust has sisters screaming we want good men,
Lust has sisters watching American Horror Story,
Sex scenes and explicit language,
Isn’t cursing and zina haraam?

Lust has brothers saying we want good women,
Lust has brothers forgetting about women,
Lust has brothers ignoring good women,
Lust has brothers not understanding best of women reverts,
Lust has sisters forgetting best of brothers reverts,
Lust has sisters forgetting bad qualities tests from Allah,
Lust has sisters forgetting brothers ain’t the only ones with bad qualities,
Lust has sisters forgetting kings only kings when they find the queen,

In every poem I tell the truth,
I came from nothing,
Became Muslim,
Still struggling,

To this day,
I’m struggling,
I ain’t judging,
Only worshiping,
Reminding family what has been forgotten,
What’s missing,
Lust has us forgetting,
Allah (s.w.t) sent it down as a test,
If you don’t fall,
You can’t seek forgiveness,
Nobodies perfect,

Allah (s.w.t) everlasting,
All encompassing,
Wants the best,
We gotta’ pass His test…


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