Oh Muslims! We Have The Worst Empathy

Asking for change,
Never asked to live this way,
Man on the corner didn’t wake up one day,
Woman ignoring pain didn’t wake up one day,
Nobody sees this coming,
Ladybugs without spots become like any other,

Muslims oversimplify,
Denounce pork, alcohol, music, and women,
Forgetting not long ago,
Asked to be forgiven for not letting go,

Pinstripe suits control Wall Street,
Thobes control religion,
Hijabis authority over whose real or not,

Grey hair and wrinkles collects cans and pennies,
Torn winter gloves pushes his cart down the street,

Both receive zero attention,
Out of these individuals,

Whose worse?
Whose at fault?

We all are born from X and Y chromosomes,
Elderly dying every winter from freezing temps,
Wasn’t thought of happening,
Man playing drums in the subway,
16 year hasn’t taken violin lessons,
Constructs symphonies as birds witness elegance,

Woman wearing hooker boots,
Supposedly sells her soul to the devil,
A honor roll,
Going to be a surgeon,

Nothing happens without reason,
12-year-old Palestinian boy watches family murdered,
56-year-old mother watches her home,
Children and father inside bulldozed,

Gentleman with his hand out holding cup for change,
Owner of the local grocery before it went up in flames,
Lost family,
Wife took the kids,

Woman you call whore on the street,
15th birthday,
Two police officers knocked on the door,
Father and mother went out for their anniversary,
One drink too many,
Hit an oncoming truck,

Circumstance does not dictate whether you are Muslim or not,
Revert Muslims,
Born into Muslim families,
Like struggle only comes to them,

Proclaiming worldly atrocities happen only to prostrating individuals,
Woman picks up aluminum cans,
Some of those cans tossed on the ground by Muslims,
Prostrates picking up aluminum cans when her back gives out,
Knees hit the ground as her palms landscape history portraits,

Selfishly without evidence,
Horrible intellect twists and turns sources into evidence,
George Bush couldn’t find Weapons of Mass Destruction,
Muslims can’t find empathy,
For those who haven’t found the same light at the end of the tunnel,

Crazy world we live in,
Horrible times we live in,
Dark days we live in,
Can’t find our way out,

Busy checking around for hands to hold,

Arabs only hold hands of Arabs,
Africans only hold hands of Africans,
Americans only hold hands of Americans,

As long as they are not Muslim,
Christians only hold hands of Christians,
As long as they are from the same sect,

Lose sight,
Can’t fight,
Lose this battle,
Lose the war,

Focus on only ourselves,
Becoming ignorant of neighbors,

Ignoring the fact,
If we go to bed while our neighbor is hungry,
We are not believing Muslims,

I know it seems some days we are doing right,
Ignoring other folks,
Paying attention to those of the same kin,

But these intentions,
Are not pure,
These intentions,
Cause havoc in the land,
Strife between tribes and nations,

If we truly want peace,
For the sake of our sons and daughters,

Stop ignoring one another,
Stop killing one another…


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