Past + Present =’s Tomorrow’s Future

Father fate,
Watch me fall,

Climb mountains,
Cross rivers,
Enter valleys,

4 corners of Earth,
4 corners of mind,

Labyrinth controlled via insanity,
Index finger planted knees,
Waving flag,
Captain’s vision,

Don’t say no,
Peter Pain,
I ain’t gifted,

Tie my hands,
Opened eyes,
Love like rain,

Circle eights,
Sand castles,
Rain drops,
Eye lashes,


Accustomed to light,
Crafted to fly,
Hidden wings,
Birthed scars,

Don’t hide me from horrors,
Learn lessons from sorrows,

Tears drop,
Tears caught,

Words spoken,
Words heard,

Sitting watching sunsets,
Empty park benches,

Throwing food to birds,
4 legged creatures playing tag,

Playing tag with He who thought of me…
Red, yellow, and orange,
Water in the distance,

He tagged me,
I waited,

I tagged He,
He found me,

On the left was the sunset,
On the right was the moon’s reflection,

Held hands,
Walking in between two reflections…


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