My Gift To Mask Wearing Folks

Two faced tea pots,
Half broken rim glasses,

From the outside,
Coated sugar cubes,
Speak kindly,

Glass half full,
Hour glass not seen,
Worldly desires,

Can’t see them,
Can’t put a name to them,
Able to disguise themselves,

Lovely voices,
Can’t be true,

Cuff links,

Doesn’t associate with boys,
People watching,
Guys and girls can’t be friends,

Behind closed doors,
Anything goes,

Tight skin jeans,

Inviting friends,
Nicki, August, Trey, and Chris,

Next day appearances change,
Somali dress,
Saudi shyness

Alhamdulillah 33 times,
Astagfirullah 33 times,

Drastic changes,

Masks walk,
It is haraam to listen to music,
It is haraam to flirt with boys,

Time passes,
Not mesmerized by tricks,
Facade rubs off,
Make-up not suited,
Wrinkles can’t hide,

Winds blow,
Drifts catch,
Weary waves,

Shores meet oncoming storms,
Rolling clouds tamper skies,
Blaming palm trees,
Growing seeds,

Meet hollow fruits,
Do as Abu Sa’eed Al-Khadimi reported:

Narrated from Hasan Al-Basri,
Man said to him,

Someone has backbitten you.”

Hasan sent a dish of sweet dates to the backbiter,
He said,

“I heard that you have given me your good deeds as a gift,
So I would like to repay you for it,
But please excuse me because I am unable to completely repay you.”

(Bariqah Mahmudiyyah 257)

Thank whoever sent Good Deeds,
Send sweet dates,
Kind words of appreciation,
Poetry verses,

They speak not,
Act nicely in the face of danger,
Around new faces,
Hiding sharp edges,

Not realizing,
Anas ibn Malik (ra) reported:
Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said,

“Verily, when the unbeliever performs a good deed,
He is given a taste of its reward in the world.
As for the believer,
Allah will store his good deeds for him in the Hereafter,
And provide his sustenance in the world due to his obedience.”

(Sahih Muslim 2808)

Hollow bodies,
Unfortunate story-tellers,
Words cannot penetrate,
Nor be twisted,

Allah (s.w.t),
Ultimate Rubix Cubic master,
Unraveled lies,
Placed kindly in baskets,

Sent home,
Knocked kindly,
Tied sweet perfect bows,

Take what is rightfully yours…


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