It’s Because Your White Lets Be Honest

I never received special treatment,
What are you talking about?
I worked hard, studied, never gave up,

Wait! Wait! Wait!
Your saying it is because I’m ‘White’?
Your crazy,
Anyone can make it,

America, China, Europe, Japan,
Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Yemen,
Skin color master of science,

Speak English,
European descent,
Social construct standards,
World’s standards,
You got the job!

Muslim’s around the world,
Countries declaring Islam,
Admit race and white privilege play a part,
Saudi, Yemen, Oman, Jordan,
Middle East traditions,
Arabs and Americans,
White offices,
Hire Africans to clean,

White revert enters in prostration,
Spot an African,
Better switch sides,
Come close,

Systematic destruction of equality,
Frowned upon if brought up in conversation,

Talking with a gentleman,
Using big words,
Fancy language,
Asked for votes,
Fairy-tales dressed in sheep clothing,

Air-Force pilot,
Private school,
Government employee,
Understands communities in America,
Minority owned,

Asked him,
Do you believe in white privilege?
What are you talking about?
If you sweat towards success,
Anything is possible,

How many African decent individuals were in the Air-force?
How diverse was your private schooling?
How about your neighborhood?
How many cars did your family own?
How did your parents pay for their first family home?

We apply this to Arab culture,
Saudi’s believe,
We are the best of the best,
Arabic language exceptional,
Arab lineage to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),
Saudi where Islam was established,

Saudi nationalism similar to white privilege,
Saudi women can’t marry outside of Saudi ancestry,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said Bilal (ra) was one of the best,
Would you reject this marriage based on his Abyssinian roots?

In America,
Whites denying what everyone knows,
Afraid of speaking,
Businesses more likely to hire a white man over a black man,
Corporations want white secretaries over black professionals,

One exception,
If you are willing to take a pay cut and unbutton your blouse,
Your hired!

Percentage of fortune 500 companies heads?
White old men,
Richest men in the world,
White men,
Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg,

Elected Barak Obama,
Fed the masses,

If he lost,
Civil Rights would have been awakened,
Quiet Black Communities,
What has Obama done for you?
No programs for Black youth,
No programs cleaning up projects,

Education system broken,
Government officials don’t want to clean,
Presume broken is beautiful,

Truth be told,
If you are ‘White’ and ‘American’,
Education system easier for you to succeed,
Financial Aid won’t request additional info,
Parents donate to the Universities President exchange fund,
Pocket exchange phone numbers,
Scratch my back, I scratch yours,
Making my Swiss bank account larger

By 2nd grade,
U.S government rules children will make wonderful prison inmates,
Prisons majority African-Americans,
Crimes committed by majority European descent individuals,
Something wrong?

White man rapes woman,
10 years,
Chance for early release,
Black man rapes woman,
25 to life,
No chance for early release,

White cop murders innocent Black youth,
Investigation finds not guilty,
Youth defend lives,
Life in prison or life taken,

What is fair?
White privilege?
Many deny,
Others say a fallacy,
Some say used to be real,
We live in the 21st century,

Oh boy, your digging your own hole,
New York Stock Exchange used to sell slaves,
Bought and sold to the highest bidder,
New York, New York had the largest plantation,
White House built by blacks,
North hung Blacks on a regular basis,
Civil Rights Movement didn’t stop racism,
Made everything open and more apparent,
Racism not afraid to hide,
Black youth walk into malls,
Security guards following,
White Europeans walk into stores,
Greeted with a smile,

White privilege has no place in religion or society,
We keep believing in it,
We keep swallowing pills given by doctors,
Diagnosed personality disorder if friends with blacks,
Dictionary definition of black,
Anything without color,
Opposite of white,
Dictionary definition of white,
Anything clean and pure,

Surprises me ain’t no one trying to fix broken society,
Had an Ebola scare but nobody wants to ask why or how?
West Africa recently found resources,
In the past where was Ebola?
When Red Cross came to help,
People started dying,

White privilege has America thinking world power,
But this ain’t new,
World knows if Africa became the world’s continental power,
Culture and white privilege would be long-lost history,

None of this is new,
Much of this is old,
No one wants to talk about it,
Hurts the Majorities feelings,

Kanye West is crazy,

He is an honest man,
Bush hates black people,
Similar fashion,
Barack Obama hates Muslims,
Both love drone bombs and war,

Society loves fighting,
Society loves greed and dollar signs,
No one wants a world that loves one another,
Doesn’t make capitalism go round and round,

This *hit needs to stop before my heart gives out,
Just so every one knows,
White privilege ain’t taking my bones,
When I die,
I better be buried in Africa!


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