Pain and suffering made me a man,
Visiting hell and back,
Heart encrusted iron,
Rapid adrenaline caused life lessons,

Historians took centuries learning,
Analyzed and processed history in seconds,
Blessing books weren’t needed,

Internal sunshine grapples evil on a daily basis,
Shadows crawl,
Shaitan runs,
Blue Skies roll,

Confidence, ego, finger-pointing,
Rude awakening, brutally honest tendencies,
Blaming, correcting, proving ignorance bliss,

I ain’t perfect,
Held accountable,
Parents held accountable for a child’s actions,

Big brother,
Little brother,
Get out of line,
Big brother does his job,

Worldly desire,
Became an addict,

Everyone has a role,
Information gatherer,
Intel delivery system,
World traveler,
Human Rights activist,
Speaking against Tyrants,

Failed obligation,
No one admits failure,
Disease of the heart,
Dismissing responsibility,

Worst of the worst,
Helping improve conditions,
Rich of the rich plausible deniability,

Muslims ‘don’t judge me’,
‘You don’t know what is in my heart’,
‘Only Allah (s.w.t) can judge me’,

Ibn `Umar (ra) reported:
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) passed by a man of the Ansar,
Who was admonishing his brother regarding shyness,

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said,
“Leave him alone,
For modesty is a part of Imaan.’
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Lacking modesty equals lack of Imaan,
Lacking Imaan equals lack of modesty,

Judging the world,
So be it,

Being held accountable for your actions,
So be it,

Failed responsibilities,

Failed responsibilities,

Two choices,
Change ways,
Accept responsibility,
Refuse responsibility,
Accept consequences,
Neither acceptable,
Live on an island,
By yourself!


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