Children Superheroes

This poem is for superheroes,
For those who don’t believe in children with big hearts,
Short legs but elongated memory contained inside each letter of hope,

I write to little men playing around firemen sprinklers,
Alarm clock inside bendable craniums,
Jumping and swinging,
Hocus Pocus not enough to turn the sky baby blue,

No matter what time it is,
How annoying they get,
Little kids superheroes never given honor,
Never recognized by the public,

Sitting on paved streets,
Hearing 10 official languages,
Shanty Town,

Children discuss potential,
Holding white sand in between scars from sharp words,
Sharp edges from adult vocal chords,

Children circling into spirals,
Drove forklifts into my chest,
Taking out dust particles tarnishing my name,

Children superheroes not allowed to express themselves,
Not allowed to be themselves in a world trying to silence beauty,
Superheroes fall without grace landing awkwardly with confidence,
Walking up to you,
Not afraid to introduce themselves,

Able to sketch your sad face in the sand without catching tears,
Children superheroes telling honesty without flinching,
Being cute handling warheads,
Faces priceless,

I sat in the middle of marketplaces,
Children running circle eights,
Little girl flopping on my lap,
‘Safe zone!
You can’t tag me,

Hands the size of rightly picked apples off freshly grown trees,
Eyes the color of stress free years,
Worrying about how fast to run,
Can’t catch me,
Daily routine made up of eating when someone donates food,
Sleeping when tired,
Day dreaming when she opens her eyes till after they close,

She took her hands and traced them around my eyes,
Held my ears,
Blew into them cleaning the insides of a used automobile,

She didn’t say a word but her eyes traced letters into my forearm,
Her eye lashes fell into perfect formation,

‘Why do you treat yourself so badly,
You wouldn’t let me treat myself like that’,

If you don’t believe children are superheroes,
Ask one of them to draw,
Color-coded formatted shapes crossing horizontal and vertical trajectories,

They tell you a story of a man with paper hands,
Fisherman trapped inside the belly of a whale,
Turtles holding thunderbolts crossed dangerous lands to save him,

Superheroes not age-based,
Able to denounce worldly desires,
Superheroes children reminding us stay young,

Poppy stay young…


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