Lincoln Never Released The Slaves

Savage ain’t selfish,
We declare history hollow,

Years repeating,
Modern Day Slavery,
Columbus never left,

Black boys admiring white men,
White boys admiring soul-less rappers,
Mulatto’s confused which side of the fence they belong on,

Benjamin’s pronounce historians dead,
Abraham freed slaves putting black males in different chains,

Wig wearing men sit wearing modern-day suits,
Money, women, and guns destroy King’s children,

Suits take away heritage,
Youth sit bobbing between delinquency and frequency,

Rosa Parks wouldn’t have sat,
If she knew children were going to admire Nicki Minaj,

Dr. King had a dream,
Black boys and black girls,
Holding hands of white boys and white girls,

Malcolm taught never turn the other cheek,
Biko represented Black conscience-ness,

Muhammad sits in class teacher asks his name,
Can I call you Mo?

Dictionary definition of black,
‘Of the very darkest color owing to the absence of,
Or complete absorption of light;
The opposite of white’

Can I call you a murderer?
Tomorrow is Columbus Day,
Can I come to your home and take anything I want?

Forgetting corrupted caskets,
Atlantic buried ancestors history,

I ain’t confused,
I talk a lot,
New Yorker lineage,

I remember being told a story,
Old uncle with a cain,
Scars on his back memories from father,
Father of his father,
Worked hard on America’s biggest Plantation,

New York, New York,
No free state existed,

His father’s father,
My grandfather’s brother,

Ethiopian native,
From child to child,
Heritage and lineage,

What can you do?
My home is in my heart,
Gardens burnt cannot be burnt from my chest,
They are with me where-ever I go,
If I am imprisoned,
I am in seclusion with memories,
If I am killed,
I live as a hero,
If I am expelled,
I become a tourist,

No amount of slave poems,
Multiplied by bones of ancestors,
Can ever make up for the memories we hold…


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