I’m A Man And I Gotta’ Cry

Anyone who says,
I’m strong,
I ain’t crying,
Your lying,

I’m a man,
Taught to be strong,
Khalid bin Waleed (ra),
Hamza (ra),
This ain’t right,
Pride too strong,

Ain’t nothing wrong with crying,
‘The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) loved his children dearly.
When Ibrahim,
One of his sons,
Passed away at a very tender age,
His eyes became tearful.

He himself led the funeral prayer for the infant.
He was standing by the edge of the grave when the dead body was being lowered.

The grief-stricken father was asked about his state of tearful sorrow.
He said: ‘Tears flow from the eyes,
The heart is plunged in sorrow,
But the tongue shall speak only that which does not displease Allah.”

Teaching children how to be ‘men’,
Not teaching children how to be like be like Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),

Watching television,
Men hitting women,
Scandal glorifying prostitution,

Telling me not to cry,
You looking around?

Don’t you figure women ain’t fixtures,
What happened to Grandma smiling?

Sisters using old tricks,
Brothers pretending to be players,

Sisters pretending to care about deen,
Asking for silk sheets and fresh furniture,

Ali Talib (ra) gave you his shield,
Gotta’ feeling if you followed your ways,
Ali Talib (ra) walking away feeling rejection,

I’m crying,
Ain’t nothing wrong,
Your that strong,
Your lying,

Brothers orchestrating Dawah events,
Mothers orchestrating sons and daughters funeral possessions,

Doesn’t this make you cry?

Brothers talking,
Yea, we cry,
Sisters going,
Yeah, we care,

Ain’t nothing wrong with crying,
You ain’t that strong,
Your lying,

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never fully filled his stomach,
Never ate delicate food more than 3 days in a row,

Electricity bills complaining,
Sisters digging brothers out of demolished buildings,

I’m a man,
Taught to abuse women,
Sexist language,
Treat females as objects,
No matter culture,
You’re the same,

No I aint!

You say what?

Doesn’t your culture believe women belong in the kitchen?
Doesn’t your culture believe women take care of kids?
Doesn’t your culture believe men are breadwinners?

This is sexist language,

It should read,

Men and women share kitchen duties,
Men and women equally co-parent,
Men and women help each other out,

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Khadijah (ra),

Did you forget?

Men ain’t suppose to cry,
But that’s a lie,

How can I not cry when I look at the world?

We can try to change but we gotta’ cry,

Put ourselves in this predicament,

I’m a man and I gotta cry…


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