Misunderstanding Youth Muslim ‘Gangsters’ & ‘Hoes’

16 years old,
Finished playing ball,
In high-school,
Dirt stains covering the bottom of her pants,
Enjoys the outdoors,

Doesn’t know Quran,
Doesn’t know how to pray properly,

Both 12 years old,
Listens to Nicki Minaj,
Understands techniques how to dip it low,
Media teaches how to commit Zina,

Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib (ra) said:
“The ignorance of the young person is excusable and his knowledge is limited.”
[Ghururul Ḥikm, Ḥadīth 4768]

We all started somewhere,
I remember the first time I prayed salat,
Never was told about what happens when you pass gas,
It was heard from all corners of the masjid,

Once upon a time,
We had to be taught how to perform wudu,
If he or she beat you,
Would you of learned?
Did they teach you by example?

For as much talk as old people direct,
Old people have a lot to learn,
Everyday you see young people gathering,
Eat together,
Laughing together,
Listening to one another,
Advising each other,

Sisters who got piercings,
Post a Facebook status before showing parents,
Brothers message one another when discussing wives,
Don’t go to family,
Afraid of what will be said,

The Messenger of Allah (s.w.t) has said:
“The best of your youth are those who resemble your old people,
And the worst of your old people are those who resemble your young people.”
[Kanzul `Ummāl, Ḥadīth 43058]

Aren’t we supposed to follow Shura?
Give council to one another?
Young people are doing it,
Whether they realize or not,
When you go to family,
When we go to old people who have ‘wisdom’,
Is it Shura?

Are they ordering you?
Without giving you the chance to explain?

Where do the youth learn from?
Why do the youth turn quickly?
When internet wasn’t invented,
Where did you turn to?

You went where knowledge was closest,
What was most readily at hand,

Youth do the same,
Media yells,
Jihad, jihad, jihad,
Terrorist, terrorist, terrorist,
Youth have questions about puberty,
Touching yourself,
Can you wear this or that underneath clothes?
Is it viable parents are the first asked?
What will happen in our day and age?
I know Somali culture,
You keep these private,
If you ask,
What are you told?
Fear Allah (s.w.t)?

Youth asking important questions,
Can I go fight?
Is it allowed?
Why are they fighting?
Can I pray if I have a wet dream?
Are girlfriends haraam?
Can we kiss and hold hands if we are engaged?
Which scholars are correct?
Where do we go if we are depressed?

Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib (ra) said:
“Surely the heart of the youth is like the uncultivated ground,
It will accept whatever you throw upon it,
(and that is what will grow from it)”
[Tuḥaful `Uqūl, Page 70]

Youth today searching,
Clicking Google Sheikh…
Asking what the heart desires,
What does this mean?
Are they doing what is right?

The Messenger of Allah (s.w.t) said:
“The person who seeks knowledge while in his youth,
Is similar to the act of inscribing something upon a rock;
Wile the person who seeks knowledge while he is old,
Is similar to the act of writing something upon the water.”
[Biḥārul Anwār, Volume 1, Page 222, Ḥadīth 6]
[Page 224, Ḥadīth 13]

Are youth given chances?
Youth seeking knowledge the only way given,
Asking questions to those with answers,
Shown out the masjid,

Dirty shoes,
Dirty knees,
Wearing shorts,
Cursed yesterday,
Hang out with girls,
Have boys as friends,
Deal drugs,
Saw you on the corner when it was dark,
Girls shouldn’t be out late,
Aren’t dressed modestly,

The Messenger of Allah (s.w.t) has said:
“If a person who does not seek knowledge while he is youth,
But rather goes to seek it when he becomes old and dies in this state,
He dies as a martyr [Shahīd].”
[Kanzul `Ummāl, Ḥadīth 28843]

Lets say you are right,
Youth should learn when young,
Are you forgetting hadith?
If the youth wait,
Whether by intention or not,
Were given a chance to die as a martyr,

With all the problems youth have,
Why is it the older generation believes in insults?
They say,
We don’t insult,
What you speak scares away those who Allah (s.w.t) loves the most,
That in itself,
Is an insult to Allah (s.w.t)

The Messenger of Allah (s.w.a.) has said:
“There is nothing more beloved to Allah, the High,
Than a young person who repents (for his sins);
And there is nothing more detested in the sight of Allah, the High,
Than an old person who perpetuates in disobeying Him.”
[Ibid., Ḥadīth 10233]

Older generation started to disobey,
Younger generation trying to gain knowledge,
Channels supposed to be followed,

What I have learned,
Imam Ja’far ibne Muhammad as-Sadiq (a.s.),
Taught us,
‘Youth’ not by age,
‘Youth’ those with true faith,
True faith that no matter how far away you are,
Allah (s.w.t) always a small kindled fire,

Imām Ja’far ibne Muhammad as-Sadiq (ra) said,
The following to Sulaymān ibne Ja’far Al-Hadhalī:
“O’ Sulaymān, what is meant by a young person [Al-Fatā]?”

He said, “May I be sacrificed for your sake.
In our opinion,
A young person [Al-Fatā] is a youth [Al-Shābb].”

The Imām said to me,
“However you should know that surely the Companions of the Cave [Aṣḥābul Kahf] were all old people,
However Allah refers to them as youth who have true faith?!
O’ Sulaymān, the one who believes in Allah and has consciousness of Him is a young person.”
[Tafsīr al-`Ayāshi, Volume 2, Page 323, Ḥadīth 11]

From what we learned,
What we see,
Living in opposite worlds,
Short skirts,
Allowing hair,
Aspects of youth?

Older generation?
Forgetting wives divorced?
How many times lied told?

Being of ‘Youth’,
Not about age,
Are you of faith,
Faithful to Allah (s.w.t) or disobedient?


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