Mobiles As Mistresses

I wanna’ wrap my arms around you,
Crush your rib-cage so I can be the doctor to bring you back,
Plant my hands on each side of your symmetrical skeleton,
About to place my hand on the…

Click, scroll, 6 second High Definition video,
No wonder why children diagnosed with ADHD,

Were busy placing our index finger on heat sensors,
Lost trust in veins, blood vessels,
Rather lay our head on keyboards,
Missing father’s chest,

Difference between keystrokes and hair-strokes?
When the woman you lay next to gently rides your curls,
She is the surfer riding oceanic waves,

Quite frankly,
Completely ironic,
I asked a friend to meet me,
‘Can you meet me in person,
Face to face’,
Her reply,
Via text,
‘When do you wanna’ skype’,

I ain’t cynical,
When we start using,

I heart you verse I love you,
And by the way,
What does that mean,
I heart you?
Is it some sort of cult ritual,
Aztec sacrifice misinterpreted by modern science?

I remember the days where undressing with eyes,
Playing doctor,
When you cut open my chest with your middle finger,
Took my heart in your fist and stitched where rips had occurred,

We write thank you cards,
Apology letters,
Break-up texts written in ‘I wish you luck’,

Most people tell me, ‘let it go’,
Would you let the first sight of a sunset go if you were blind,
Were cured the next day from being deaf,
Heard the sound of your lover’s voice for the first time?
Would you let it go?

Before when vocals pronounced sound,
It flowed upon belly buttons,
Miles around mountains,
Buried itself within scratches,

As I laid,
Next to her,
I couldn’t stop thinking how skinny she is,
How her stomach is like a flat hill with no color,
Barren with smiley faces and hashtags,
I dumped her,

I went to the local farmers market,
Was able to pick-up whatever I liked,
Oh wait we already do that…
We scroll down Facebook profiles,
Check…party girl,
Check…not intelligent,

So I decided to do the only thing left,
My feet hit the paved floor,
Tiles upon tiles touching each other’s edges,
Something humanity could learn from,
I put on socks,
Tossed my mobile device into the ocean waves she surfed,

Looking out the window,
Giant waves pounding the beach,
Tourists ran,

My girl walked in,
Her hair not hanging,
Not flying,
Floating down to the middle of her back,

She was ready to swim,
In waves so many people die in,
Oxygen ridden,
She stuck her fingers in between my chest,
She became the waves that I ride…


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