Nationalism Is Forbidden

Where are you from?
Created from clay,

I mean,
Where are your parents from?
My mother created from Adam’s (pbuh) rib,

No really,
Where are your ancestors from?
“People should give up their pride in nations,
Because this is a coal from the coals of hell-fire.
If they do not give this up,
Allah (swt) will consider them lower than a lowly worm,
Which pushes itself through khur (feces).”
[abu Dawd and Tirmidhi]

I don’t mean to be grotesque,
Hadith recorded in Mishkat al-Masabith,
The Messenger of Allah (saw) said,
“He who calls for `Asabiyyah is as if he bit his father’s genitals”,

At-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) explains,
People who boast of dead ancestors,
In the sight of Allah (s.w.t) they are equal to a black beetle,
That rolls a piece of dung with its nose,

Allah (s.w.t) has removed arrogance,
Nationalism is from the Time of Jahiliyyah (Ignorance),
Muslims fear Allah (s.w.t) or are unfortunate sinners,
Which one are you?
Are we not all children of Adam (pbuh)?
Was not Adam (pbuh) created out of dust?

When asked these questions,
I seek answers from lands across seas,
All of these break our Ummah into pieces,

Narrated by at-Tabarani and al-Hakim,
One incident some people spoke very lowly about Salman al-Farsi,
They spoke of the inferiority of the Persian in relation to the Arabs,
Upon hearing this the Messenger of Allah (saw) declared,
“Salman is from us,
The ahl al-bayt (the Prophet’s family).”

Expecting brothers and sisters,
Upon hearing words,
‘Where are you from’,
‘He is one of us’,

Do not become divided,
May Allah’s (s.w.t) creation come together,


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