Half Dressed Muslimah At The Post Office

Today I saw an oxy-moron,
Not all Muslims are morons,
We got a majority,

Somalis I know,
Understand covering (veil included) is mandatory,
I had shown in three separate places in Quran,
Allah (s.w.t) ordered Muslimah to fear,

Visited the post office,
Windows rolling down,
Gangster Rap rang out,
Looking to my right,
Witnessed my sister,

Modern times,
Little hijab,
Hair protruding,
Chest showing,
Immodesty embracing,

Apologizing countless times,
Never meant to be embraced by nakedness,

No Nasheed,
No Quran,
Not covering,
Salat invalid,

“Allah will not accept the prayers of a woman,
Unless she is wearing a khimār [hijab].”
(related by Ahmed and the famous compilers of the Sunnan save al-Nasī)

We don’t criticize,
Been trying to speak privately,
Ignorance is bliss,
I gotta’ remind the masses,
Using an example,

Particular sister,
Tight dress,
Shape shown,
Fear of Allah (s.w.t) not in the heart,

If we were aware of our transgressions,
Punishment received,
Muslimah wouldn’t step out of the house disgracing Allah’s creation (s.w.t),

Multi-colored clothes,
Muslimah not understanding beauty of pearl reside in antiquity,

I don’t care who you are,
I ain’t judging,
Me, myself, and I,
Accept recommendations from brothers and sisters,

Repeating hadith,
Listen attentively if I know the story,


If I give advice,
Show sources,
It ain’t from me,

Came from Allah (s.w.t),
Job as an Ummah to share valuable teachings…


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