Early Obituary

Sam Cooke wrote “Change Is Gonna Come”,
Writing last words before the end arrives,
Burial written before my death-bed,
“I would rather lead myself into hellfire,
Then lead my brothers astray (with lies)”,

Today I couldn’t help thinking about last days,
If you knew you were in those final hours,
What wishes would be written?
How many dreams were accomplished?
I had dreams,
Wanted my feet to touch down on the moon,
Build homes on mars,
Explore space and time,

Accomplishments dressed as satire,
Feet felt the carpet of masjids,
Hands held orphan hands,
Eyes washed pain from broken soldiers,
Hearts collapsed into one another,
Causing surgery to metaphysically build bridges,

What does it mean?
Dr. King knew death wrote eviction notices,
Malcolm given expiration date before the 40th,
Biko witnessed God before arrest,
Gandhi killed by his people,
Mandela on the terrorist watch list until 2007,

Sumayyah (ra) tortured to death by Abu Jahl,
Bilal ibn Rabah (ra) had a heavy rock placed on his chest,
Yasir ibn Amir (ra) tortured and killed,
Khabbab ibn al-Aratt (ra) had hot medal put on his head,
Abu Fakih (ra) tied and dragged along burning sand,
Ammar ibn Yasir (ra) tortured,
Sa’d ib Ubadah (ra) tortured,

We are lucky,
Some born Muslim,
Others revert,
First generation of Muslims,
Were they reverts?

Ummah in the middle of war,
Been told we need reformation,
Uneducated Muslims brought Democracy as man’s best friend,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) carried Islam,
All four Caliphs had different attributes,
Different schools of thought,
As far I see,
We’ve had more reformations than Christians,

What am I saying?
Stand point of a historian,
World Powers kill off men and women who educate the uneducated,
World War 2 in which the U.S was given support by the American people,
Vietnam at 30 percent,
Occupation of Iraq support dropped from 70 to 30 percent,

Not only did support drop,
Civilian casualties on the rise,
Don’t believe lies,
Vietnam civilian casualties at 30 percent,
World War II 50 percent,
Occupation of Iraq 70 percent,

Question, what makes a smart bomb ‘smart’?
Can this bomb stop mid-air,
Backtrack from killing children?
Point of reference,
Death of a martyr,
We can’t comprehend,
What it meant to be a companion of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),

All this serves a format of truth,
Unorthodox manner of testament,
Christians use the word ‘gospel’
It means ‘good news’,
What I am doing is examining my fate,
If I disappear,
Die unexpectedly,
Don’t believe half-heartedly…


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