Are You Recruiting?

Broken beyond repair,
Bow only to Allah (s.w.c),
Government officials,
Gitmo and torture,
Never take my desire to worship,

We got Black people and white people,
Doctors crossing borders,
Nurses healing sick,
Engineers building the Euphrates Bridge,

Everyday thousands of God-fearing men and women,
Withstanding ill-informed news,
Confidence booster,
Americans reverting,
Breaking records,
Islamic State trampling Superbowl ratings,

I ain’t gonna’ lie,
Got my problems,
Fall back forgetting where I’m sleeping,
Realizing every time I fall,
Allah (s.w.c) sends Angels,

During the day checking if were praying,
During the night checking if were praying,
Remembering; Allah (s.w.c) is most forgiving,

Keeping prostration,
Admiring admiration,
Knees walking road to redemption,
I ain’t done professing,

Seeking attention,
Deserves rejection,
Imploring truth,
Determines attraction,
Facilitating global war,
Ain’t my intention,
My inspiration;
Confessing what liberal Muslims hide,

Are you recruiting?
Replying back with respect,
Kafir’s pretending,
No sense of irrigation,
Don’t understand verses or meaning,
Hadith explaining reasoning,

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said,
“Everyone who dies has his actions sealed,
Except for the one guarding the border in the way of Allah,
His actions continue to increase for him until the Day of Resurrection,
And he is saved from the trials of the grave.” [Abu Dawud]

I ain’t gonna lie,
Muslims stopped fearing Allah (s.w.c),
We gotta’ fulfill obligatory actions,
Defending borders,
Protecting women,
Raising children,
Resembling Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),

Educating reverts,
Reminding Saudi’s,
Ain’t nothing special,
Born into a Muslim family,
First Ummah reverts,

Biographies of companions,
Khalid Bin Waleed (ra),
Hamza (ra),
Abu Bakr (ra),
Umar ibn al-Khattab (ra),
Aisha (ra),
Bilal (ra),

Forgetting meaning,
Walk the talk,
Spreading Islam by the sword,
Woman getting rapped by American soldiers,

Ask him politely to stop?
Watch him violate the Ummah’s precious gems?
Protecting mothers, daughters, aunts, and grandmothers,

Difference between Muslims and foreign soldiers,
Sheikh. Osama bin Laden said,
American soldiers hold no fury,
Empty skeletons following orders,

Honest truth,
Islamic State,
Allah (s.w.c) knows,
Wishing I knew,
On the ground to know,

What I seen,
Been told,
Ought to know,
Number of times I stood in sujood,
Brothers dying for the cause,

After explaining,
I was asked, “are you recruiting”,
Was taught not to give opinion,
Educated about the deen,
Segregation from worldly desires,
Pleasing Allah (s.w.c) my heart’s desire,

Dunya trying to establish reputation,
Intention fighting worldly desires,
Answered with words held dear,

A person came to Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wasallam) and said:
‘Rasul Allah, what do you say if a man comes to me in order to appropriate my possessions?’
Rasul Allah said: ‘Don’t surrender your possessions to him.’
The inquirer asked: ‘If he fights me?’
Rasul Allah remarked: ‘Then fight (with him).’
The inquirer again asked: ‘What do you think if I am killed?’
Rasul Allah said: ‘You would be a martyr.’
The inquirer said: ‘What do you think of him, if I kill him.’
Rasul Allah said: ‘He would be in the Fire.’” [Muslim]

As long as Western Powers,
Including but not limited to;
United States, Britain, and Allies,
Have troops where they don’t belong,
Military bases on lands not permissible,

Protecting our borders,
Defending our Ummah,


When asked, “are you recruiting”,
My reply, “I ain’t sorry”…


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