My Name Is Khalid: Stop Overcompensating

I was born a slave, will die a slave,
Not mistaken,
Call me senseless,
Word to the wise,
Looking to the skies,

Not afraid of judgment,
Swimming without a jacket,
Spending every penny,
Dropping 2 cents in an orphans hand,

I ain’t perfect,
Never relinquished past practices,
Past valor,
Medal of Honor,
Purple heart,
Hear my words,

Children standing next to me,
Young girls on my shoulders,
Brothers hanging on by needle threads,
Threading blog threads,
Facebook timeline,
Stalking sisters,
Grew peach fuzz,
New kid on the block,

You ain’t worth my time,
I had to take my time,
You said, “all they do is booty shake”,

Speaking of them,
Speaking of you,
Somali them,
Let’s follow suit,
Aren’t you Somali?

Life spans got wing span,
Ain’t touching but imagine something,
Ain’t flirting but leading scholars agree,
If a Woman gives a man an opportunity to gaze,
Both receive harsh sentences,

Bound leather exterior,
Texture of hardened interior,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) spotted an old date,
Picked it off the ground,
Brushed off the edges,
Asked his companion,
Politely rejected,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never wasted,

Looking at me from a downward angle,
Height proclaimed self-righteousness,
Given advice,
Rejected critical analysis,
Took my words,
Harsh criticisms,

Don’t get me wrong,
I asked if you wanted to hear,
When you rejected,
I brushed away rotten pieces,

Ain’t nothing worse,
Brother proud of rotten edges,
Not willing to bow,
Allah (s.w.c) pardons,

It ain’t about Angel Gabriel visiting,
Messages act as conduits,
Foot positions,
Don’t leave room for Shaitan,

When we spoke,
You performed,
Blow fish,
Some things need to be popped,

I ain’t about popping,
Sensitivity or not,
Cultural nights performs popping,
Acted like yours was bigger,

I ain’t checking,
But I heard,
Overcompensating belongs to those without knowledge,
I ain’t saying I got knowledge,
I know my position,

I was born a slave, will die as a slave,
Allah (s.w.c) confiscated ego,

Muslims have 5 rights over another,
What are they?
How many black dots can I count,
Examination of your heart?


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