Eyes of A Child; Witnessing Reflection’s of An Old Man

We take loans, forgiving yawns, not allowed to float,
Interest building up colored plaque,
Busy correlating drop out’s buying gold cradles,
Run away candles,
Riding saddles in reverse,
Afraid of speaking out against idols,
False Messiah’s,
Messages color code Facebook pokes,
Cooks determine life left,
Leaving plates half empty,
Homeless cradling half empty bottles,
“Where did you get the money?”
We hear, “from you.”

Without walking we blindly follow,
Able to pick up gun barrels,
Afraid of opening pages,
Memorized weight per barrel the chamber open,
Forgot the weight of verses rolling in between fingers,
Extruding vocal chord vowels disregarding metaphors,
Metallic hearts crawled under soil,
Pac’s rose from concrete charged flawed misdemeanors,
Minds charged treason,
Committing assault upon words felt not heard,
10 years it took scholars to understand 10 words,
Without shoes we stub our toe meeting stubbornness,
Tasteless food follows suit,
Numb to pride we crawl on our stomachs afraid to lie,
Condemn predecessors,
Determined faults cause wrecks upon highways,
Watch high break fault lines,
Earthquakes not felt,
Feet fail to meet our knees,
Talking and walking,
Not realizing the earth misses our knees,

Internal genocide pulls apart eternal stars,
Star light fails to seize the moment,
Paid in full gratification muzzled sound,
Boots hit the ground, children fall to the ground,
Mothers toss flowerpots hiding birthrights under soil,
Black soil hardened tears slow dance in reverse,
Feet meant to speak,
Hands confess to walk,
Eyes shallow to taste visualized memories,
Indiscriminate theories swallow verses prescribed medication,
Dedicated non-sense destroying direction,
Palms feel silk conceptualizing understanding between breast plates,
Ripping open rib-cages, finding erected compassion siting next to orphan children,

I asked the old man,
“Why do you choose to sit on this corner,
Under lights meant for creatures of the night,
Close your eyes,
Hiding behind cardboard boxes,
Fearful of winter,
Anxiously waiting death?”
Questioning painfully irrational,
Tactfully describing men ask what makes a woman beautiful?

Looking into eyes,
Utter what ears hear,
Men understanding feet, eyes, legs, and arms speak freely,
Death meets,
Able to speak freely,
Open up temporal lobes for death to witness freely,
Show palms of books printed braille,
Love can’t be read,
Felt by hearts flowing freely,
Hoping for death to announce willingly,
Self serving intellect,
God knows without proving His existence,

This old man walked frost-bitten,
Open toes shoes soak up water puddles,
Processing what it means to learn from sitting,
Reading what was printed fully,
Imagine an old man reading half hazard,
Sleeping in the middle of New York City,
New Year Ball drops,
Confessed nights reading between seconds of space,
Space and time relived patience between fingertip,
As a child I was confused,
Sat staring at my reflection upon marble ground,
I see myself…


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