Sky Blue Dress

Camera’s flash sketched a Sky blue dress,
First Christmas,
Last memory,
Noah’s flood struck piano chords,
Pianist broke piano keys,
New Orleans broke levies,

Mother’s hair,
Build up of 200 years of British ships,
Dumping casualties in the Atlantic,
California’s Gold rush color coded Gold crows,
Witnessed expression before the…

Cold breeze sat warming couch cushions,
Father not a starved fellow,
Nor an overweight wrestler,
Tattoos sung melody notes,
Chinese new years shook hands with elbow grease,

Sitting between the table and the couch,
Losing shoes on the roof,
Waking up during the middle of the night,
Mother cooking vein food,
Speaking in vain,
Vains color coding sharp edges,
Christmas night,
Spotted eyes illuminating lightbulbs,

Christmas night,
Chocolate chip cookies,
Full glass of milk,
Pretended bacon strips in the pan,
Tiny fingers copying pancakes flips,
Setting her son on the counter,

After 15 minutes,,
Child feeling night slipping away,
Sand fell between his fingers,
Hair fell lazily,
Silk between child’s fingers,
Proposed better future over sugar cubes,

Turning off the stove,
Laying her son down to sleep,
Put on her sky blue dress,
Make the child happy,

Falling asleep,
Hearing fingers,

Watching sky blue click,
Not the camera,
TV’s knob of retirement…


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