Completing Your Deen

It was the first time I flew,
Wish I never landed,
Was able to touch down feet first,
Put my affairs in order,

First time we talked,
I didn’t realize we would be together forever,
Downtime to nightlife,
High rises to sunsets,
She holds the world on her shoulders,
Shares strength when I fall,

No one understands how important this is,
How important she is,
I had escaped from an abusive household,
Outran an alcoholic father,
Took care of my Schizophrenia diagnosed mother,

Ran streets filled with drugs and kingpins,
Gang wars and territory abused,
Watched my father overdose,
Mother tried curing herself,

I never had someone to hold,
Nor was I held,
I forgot what it means to love,
Remembering high school,
Time flies,

It took me years of searching,
Allah (s.w.c) found me as I laid un-conscience,
Woke up carving Sunnah into my mind,
Quran into my chest,

When I met you,
It took no more,
No less,
24 hours,

I prayed to Allah (s.w.c),
Hoping you were the last to come,
First I met,
One I need,

His answer,
Your mentality,

You complete where I lay empty,
Your eyes meet me when I am lost,
Your words comfort me when I am sad,

Entering the gates of Jennah holding hands,
These are the words that form meaning,
This is how important you are…


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