Reasons I Go To War: Slander & Muslimah

Two reasons I go to war,
Slandering my Prophet (pbuh),
Abusing our women,
Knight in shining armor,
That is not why I do it,

Revelation came,
It was described,
Women wore crows on top of their heads,
Cared about the heart,
Husbands admiring personality,
Beauty of the body second opinion,

Call me moderate,
Speak radical,
I ain’t about war,
Don’t get it twisted,

Adult Swim came out with Black Jesus,
Did Christians get angry?
Yes they did,

When the Jewish filmmaker came out with his degrading movie,
Calling Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) a pedophile,
Muslims reacted,
What is the difference,
Muslims defending and Christians reacting?

Christian women told to dress modestly,
Paul ordered women’s heads to be shaved if not covered,
Nuns cover head to toe,
Muslim women do the same,

One difference,
Islam does not force,
You don’t need to accept,
Pay your taxes,
Worship in churches,

Crossing the line,
Watch your step,
Leave my deen alone,
Muslims ain’t perfect,

If you purposely insult Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),
Be ready to fight,

If you rape my sisters,
Force mentality of the west,
Tight jeans,
I am obligated to defend,

Muslimah are the backbone of this ummah,
They are the spine of every man,
Eve came from the rib of Adam (pbuh),

Hold your wife and daughters close,
Without them,
Muslim men wouldn’t be soldiers,
Reasons upon reasons why we go into battle,
Watching love sit at the doorstep,

Muslimah raise our children,
Feed the poor,
Take care of elderly,

They are Queens of households,
Top Chef of lives,
Take care of our needs,
Physical, emotional, and spiritual,

Describing how important they are?
Do or die mission,
I prefer to live…


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