Money Ain’t Love (Waiting For Happiness To Dry)

Someone asked, “why you smiling”,
I didn’t understand why frowning had to be,
Millionaire dreams exist when I day-dream,
As I walk,
I’m the man one everyone knows,
Everybody greeting with signs of peace,

We got people driving shiny cars,
Gold teeth plated,
Saudi citizens can’t drive refurbished cars,

I was asked at the bus-stop,
Sun shining nightly,
Knights crusading for poverty,
“Is it fair”,

Detailing poverty,
Riches cause depression aided by suicide,
Full of wisdom,
Empty pockets,
Pass 20’s,
I don’t need paper,

The world doesn’t understand,
Standing at this bus stop,
Suit and tie,
Black pinstripe,
Hair rolled down,
Glasses sat perched,
Arch perspective grabbed prescription,

His hands clean,
Fingernails dirty,
Skin smooth,
Babies @ss,

Heart hid in condemned buildings,
Spine inclined the worst of L shapes,
Back angled 90 degrees,
Eyes verbally assaulted x-rays,
Radically inclined to decline invitation,
No name needed,
Bank account suppresses U.S debt,

Adjacent to this man,
Street couple,
Teeth crafted street make-up,
Horizontal didn’t follow vertical,
Hearts aligned misalignment,

Living in a cave,
Pushed carts holding value,
99 cent cans sold nightly,
Garden park ancestors,
Park bench realtors,
Overlooking the moon’s sunset,
Box top roofs equivalent,
Hollywood High Rises,

They spoke softly,
Whispered loudly,
Hearts pounded the pavement,
Mother loses her child,
Numerical value rose,
Stock market crashed,

Walked with twin limps,
Eternally reprimanded,
Paired chromosomes,
Shoelaces tied by the ankles,
Time elevated height,
Status conquered misconceptions,

Old woman tied pop tops,
Braiding hair with coca cola recycled cans,
Father of time elevated game,
Recycled plastic bottles,
Wrapped clean water labels around chest implants,
Examined trash cans,
Bridal showers and honeymoons,
Each night rehearsed vows,
Every night was remembering their wedding night,

Standing against economic advertisement,
Bus shelters selling happiness,
Dollar menus,
Homeless shelters,
Lived under bridges,
Homework assigned,
Teacher and student,
Role play,
Judge and jury,

Took his wife to the park,
Dinner dash to the last recycled bin,
McDonald’s left overs,
Found half bottle of Jack Daniels,
Picked flowers from a nearby garden,

Found roses in her palms,
Moonlight seen from her fingertips,
Stars dropping from her ear,
Ocean waters bobbed her retina,
25 years sailing wild waters,

Tattered pants,
Rose petals dropped from the bus stop,
Card board queen size mattress,
Stared into her eyes,
Bubble bee patiently craving honey,
Patiently craved her melody,

Her bones played the harmonica,
Each joint caressed the saxophone,
Stevie Wonder questioned his own fingers on her rib-cage,
Upon hearing symphonies playing in chest x-rays,
Dandelions climbed tree trunks protecting them from looters,

I walked away,
Bones craving love,
Stalked the clouds,
Shoes hanging on telephone wires,
Searching high and low,
Feet hanging below cloud nine,
Sitting poolside,
Waiting for happiness to dry…


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