Girl (In) My Dreams: Safety Raped By History

I wrote my masterpiece,
Leonardo wished Divici,
Langston uttered Shakur,
Marley brainstormed Marvin,
Picasso wrote my odessey,

Musically inclined,
Guantom wished they imprisoned me,
Heeded an old man’s advice,
Appearances deceive,
Broken dreams mend future fences,

I asked her name,
Stupid question,
Sitting in an office,
Gold plated name plate,
Eyes telling lies,
Performing my AA meeting,
Affiliated Ascension,

She didn’t walk no cakewalk,
Tattered lines,
Hustling has integrity,
She hinted history,
“Call me Safety”,

I can be whatever you want me to be,
History played positions out of safety,
Boots caused deliberate ankle rolls,
Painted nails on Wall-street sold into slavery,
Europeans believed insanity,
African curves overly affectionate,

It wasn’t safety,
She proclaimed dynasty,
Born into world full fallacy,
Remembered mother engraving family initials,
Queen Elizabeth…

Mother’s mother founding father of princes,
Root derived from Matriarchy,
Color complexion of Egyptians,
Hollywood foretold Arian race fork-lore,

Standing under streetlights,
Cars gently come to an abrupt stop,
Rolling down the window,
Safety seeks compassion,
Misguided history seeks attention,

Every night safety applies hours applying satisfaction,
Perfect lipstick applied mathematically,
Favorite color red,
Burial mounds covered buildings built by sweat and blood of blacks,

Slave owners,
Dead presidents,
Called the White House “White”,

She ironed her hair just right,
Making sure it was passed her shoulders,
Covering the night before,
Domestic abuse laid siege,
Back-up plans never drawn up,

Black hair,
Shined bright covered by darkness,
Cordial affairs dress to impress,
Safety dressed to please,
Caramel complexion,
White picket fence,
African father,
European mother,

Vision short-sighted,
Her dress invited,
Dressed not to impress,
Background evicted buildings,
She witnessed alien numbers,
IRS tax forms,
Haven’t filed,
She came from overseas,

Puerto Rican,
Hips hypnotize strangers,
Stands at ease,
Dress can’t be seen,
Scars from Roman whippings,
Jesus whippings,
Father an alcoholic,
Mother never recognized,
Father was a cheating husband,

History took a leading role,
Safety asked what History wanted,
Replied to post apocalyptic behavior,
“I want to take your pain away”,
This wasn’t obsession,
She needed the pain taken away,

Safeties hand taken off the trigger,
Performed position eights,
Hand cracked every knuckle,
Sound of broken bottles,
Flicked her eyelashes when she’s happy,

These days…
Flipping fingers skipping pages,
Unbuttoning truths,
History overcompensation,
Hatred pulling safeties hair,

After walking,
Watched Safety thrown from the car,
50 dollars what she’s worth,
Cheap trick,
Cracks in the sidewalk caught her fall,

Eye-liner smeared,
Read between the lines,
Safety wanted to pull the trigger,
Lipstick gone,
Cheeks swelled with pain,
Eyes full of tears,
She wasn’t into confessing,

Take the lead,
Play the background,
I carried her all the way,
She pointed to the door,
Bleeding from between her toes,
Couldn’t stop shaking from all the wars,
Chest developed Egyptian tomb stones,
Thieves stole her valuables,

I took a large bowl of sad stories,
She was crying pain walking on hardwood floors,
Filled hope full of cold water,
Filled the bottle with my blood and tears,
I cleaned her wounds,
Played the background,
Waited for safety to heal her wounds,
The next day she was working,
The next week she was nowhere to be found…


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