Afraid (Of) Feeding The Poor

If we could put ourselves,
In each other’s shoes,
Everybody knows,
Nobody knows,

What I am going through,
What he’s going through,
What she’s going through,

Judgment lay it to rest,
When the sun sets,
Were put to rest,

Seeds are planted,
Gardens rise from ashes,

Everybody said I was crazy,
I told em’,
If you watch,
You will be able to sketch the outline of her steps,

Lady liberty,
Single mothers,
Tap dance around tax brackets,

Every penny counts,
Each lap dance,
Gotta’ work magic,

If it was a house,
I would be burning down the walls,

Insurance back-up,
Gotta’ feed my children,

Life our failed marriage,
No matter how we try,
If you really pay attention,

Detail each centimeter of her perfection,
Each eye lash shows compassion,
When she’s silent,
Her mind judging,

I was told a story,
I hadn’t understood the meaning,
Call it a bedtime story,
Reality brought it to life,

Young men,
Teenage girls,
Thrown from homes,

Found God,
Pray to God,
He listens 24/7,

What are we doing?
Born into this faith,
Others given the act of sleeping on cold pavement,

Barely made it,
Can’t make it,

I thought we were supposed to help each other,
Brothers of one another,
Sister to sister,
We ain’t acting like family,

Daily ritual,
Ignoring family,
Drop change,
Afraid of taking him home,

Embarrassed at feeding the poor,
Mother and father,
Won’t understand,

He isn’t your boyfriend,
You wanna’ feed your brother,

I read,
Sufyaan Ath Thawree said:
“And beware of showing piety on your face,
When you do not feel it in your heart.”
{Hilyatul Auliyaa, (7/48)}


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