Dead Beat Fathers & Drug Feign Mothers Give Birth To Legends

I ain’t seeking fame,
Bottled up my pain,
Killing fame,
Got me wearing shades,
Believe me when I speak,
Born under cardboard boxes,

All I seek,
Time without worry,
Rental history,
Homeless nights,
House sitting,
Old westerns,
Modern day suits,
Saddle sitting,

Saving my future,
Hid it under an old oak tree,
No matter what we do,
Women inclined to decline,

9 inch heels,
Skinny ain’t defining,
Worthwhile attention,
Leads to imagination,
Attention to detail,

Life could be hell,
Pain and torture,
Pleasure saves,
Men behind bars,

Feeding sons,
Daughters make men do the impossible,
No mission greater,
God’s plan,
Praying nightly,
Boy’s plan,
Selling rock,
Sneaking out,
Lights out,

Fathers bite nails out of irony,
Hiding behind bars never logical,
Providing food on the table only logical,

Short skirts,
Provide nothing to the imagination,
What does she have at home?

Role models?
Mother “a mother” by name or action?
Does she know her people’s history?
Needs a real model,
Not role models,

Society proclaims mediocre values,
Families supporting do or die method of transaction,
One mother,
Induced karma,
Able to function,
High as a kite,

Needing her fix,
15 minutes of winter breeze,
It’s the middle of summer,
She’s proclaiming,
Christmas is coming,

Reduced school lunch,
Funding cut,
Food stamps,
America’s lost,
Social Security,
Impossible theory,
Richard Dawkins can’t measure uncertainty,

If you knew,
What I knew,
What I had seen,
What I envisioned,

Deemed fit to enlist,
Seclusion the price to pay for this gift,

In life,
Men and women seek to please,
Hearts feel love,
No matter how bad we want,
To not discuss,
Lovers practice wielding,
Intense sessions,
In search of each other’s G spot,

What does this mean?
Does it have an unfortunate end?

In the beginning,
They connect,
Father’s become heroes,
Dead beat dads,

Raising daughters,
Sons who become living legends,
From dust,
Comes the chance to succeed,
Being able to fall from struggle,

Sons and daughters,
Place to rest,
Waiting for God’s sign,
Eyes on the prize,

Love at first sight,
Raising children in this world,
Fathers and mothers,
Replaced by future legends…


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