Relationship Between God and I

All my life,
I have been in a long distance relationship,
Getting lost in centerfield,
Unaware of my surroundings,
Hitting the goalpost missing all of my corner attempts,

No matter how good of a striker I may be,
How fast I run,
How smart I am,
I can’t ever get close,

We might be inches away from each other,
Miles apart from one another,
Nose to nose,
Foot to foot,

Your aware of all my mistakes,
Aware of all my persistent attempts at change,
Foretell future events without any clue or hint,

You count the number of times I blink,
Veins able to be seen,
Grey hairs on my head,

I can’t hide secrets from you,
Hide under any rock,
In any cave,
Behind any door,

We are in separable,
Right and left hand,
Right and left foot,
Right and left ear,
Clear enunciation and slip of the tongue,

We are similar to the make-up of the heavens,
Blanket space,
Bright lights,
Blue sky,

Sport stadiums reek of similarity,
Green grass,
Bright lights,
Blue sky,

When I’m sad,
You catch my tears,
When I’m happy,
You laugh with me,
When I’m angry,
You contain my emotions,

Similar to the potential of deep-sea exploration,
At a certain point submarines cease to exist,
We obliterate expectations,
Swim to depths no mortal dares,
Float in space without fear or despair,

Others can’t see what we have,
What we always have had,

Winter days dream of sunlight,
Crystalized snow particles wish to sparkle in the shade,
My shadow scared of not being able to hide in the shade,
Without you my sins speak to me from dark alleyways,

As people annoyingly remind,
Finding a needle in the haystack,
You were the bright spot without having to shine,

I was waiting for the train,
Pitch black came one hollows eve,

I wasn’t scared,
I didn’t worry,

Should I,
Step forward,
Stay back,
Look to the side,

I was focused,
Are you above me,
Behind me,
About to push me,

We are a duet,
Dance partners,
Leading role,
Symphony led by composer,

I never fret,
Without dreaming,
We are madmen,
In a world,
Meant to silence minds,
You never cease to amaze,

The time it takes for you to answer my prayers,
The time it takes for me to tie my shoes,

In between flocks of geese migrating,
Atmospheric pressure keeps them flying,

My mind never-failing to realize your perfection,
Tactical maneuvers win battles,
Signs meant as catapults laying siege,
Give me peace,

We have this relationship,
Where each trouble that incurs,
My mind protected by one mysterious fail safe,

Without you,
The ground I kneel on,
The way my hands meet each other in front of my stomach,

As they sweep my ears,
The words “Allah Akbar” uttered from my chest,
My vocal chords vibrate from you being centimeters away,

Our relationship,
One homeless man and his favorite park bench,
Hot days and cold days,
I can’t live without you,

I wouldn’t be here,
If it wasn’t for your compassion,
Strength you implanted between my spine,
Leaving a trail of love to my heart,
I wouldn’t function without your words,
“Let it be”…


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