Let It Go World

I say things you disagree with,
Do things that you are too scared to do,
Remember days that you forgot,
Capture insanity by the spine,
Defy destiny at the speed of light,

Ignorant people shoot my shadow,
Dodging failed attempt at target practice,
Been running all my life,
Stray bullets capture my essence,
Kodak moments grab my attention,
Critiques fail at destroying my reputation,
Mediocre attacks scratch my defense,

I’m busy preparing for the future,
Your busy dedicating energy on the past,
Difference between you and me,
I struck gold,
Lost my records,
Broke goals,
Father’s name perseverance,
Mother’s maiden,
Living legend,

Needles taught me,
Now or never,
Mother raised a fighter,
Stainless steel spine birth defect raised me,

Life is a game,
You got those trying to stop you,
Some trying to help you,
Most of em’ waiting for you to succeed,
Half of em’ trying to hang on by your success,

I ain’t letting anyone stop me,
This is my story,
This is my life,
This is my time…


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