Letter To Unborn Childhood Memories

Make-up artists condemn dark skin,
Celebrities bleach,
European disease got the faint of heart whispering suicide,
Killing celebration of inner queen belief,
Coming from the motherland known to give birth to kings and queens,
Rainbow state gave revolution a sword,
Smallpox and holy wars laid waste,
Media turns black queens into bleach slaves,
Modern Day Slavery denied,
Worship on Sundays have women kissing a white man’s hand,

Play-dates an old wives fairytale,
Took hundreds of years before Sambo, Big Momma,
Cotton picker became Cinderella royalty,
Disney held onto slavery,
Watching film,
Industry killing off every black lead,
Black actors die daily comparing to the number of black youth killed nightly,
Dimes, nickels, and plastic surgery.
Beat travesty into princes,
Turned princesses into servants,
Asked what you wanted to be when your older,
News anchor,
Police detective,
Be realistic,

Blue eyes,
Faithful until the world cracks dishonesty,
Young girls given dinner plates to clean,
Clothes to wash,
Tell me I’m wrong,
Culturally aware,
Arabs to Somalis,
Africans to Queen Elizabeth,
Chained to the floor,
Hands tossing flour,
Old fashion beliefs give sexism one leg to stand,
Take away a man’s tendency to be a king,
Give him a queen to cherish,

12 months we crawl,
2 years we run,
5 years we act out fantasies,
Pretending to be princes in a land full of thieves,
Watching flower pots grow invisible stems,
Ladybugs crawling on our skin seeking protection,
7 years we ask ourselves does God exist,
10 years we wish death,
Girls laughing at another’s girls beauty,
Differences giving us a touch of brilliance,

One girl’s bucktooth one woman’s small ears,
One girl’s pale skin one woman’s dark complexion,
One boy’s country music one boy’s rap icon,
One boy’s courage one boy’s love of composing music,

Rubber ducks decline invitation,
Barbie doll houses fail to show up to orientation,
Acceptance of society drops bomb worse than Nagasaki,
Suicidal kamikazes torment happy hour,
Age 16 gets into bars with a fake ID,
Age 17 didn’t have to pay for sex,
Half of the student population spread an STD,
Age 18 gave birth to a second child,
Childhood memories deserve to be recreated,
Given back as presents without it having to be Christmas day,
Children deserve to hold childhood memories…


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