Imagine: Your telling me: Yours: Is Bigger: Then Mine?

Dreaming of flying cars and teleportation,
Peace delivered my eulogy,

Young girls participating in honor roll,
Child welfare,
Forgotten news feed,

Imagination carries the world on a poet’s shoulder,
Music videos give the world the cold shoulder,
Values and morals,
Inflated egos boost what a man overcompensates for,
Hollywood icons teaching young girls how to prostitute before walking,

Living in a world where money, sex, and greed compares to boldness,
Empty caskets predict weather casts,
Weathermen liars like half of the rappers you listen to,

Your telling me,
Is bigger,
Then mine?

Casting call,
Bad math,
Einstein can’t help,
1 + 1 + 1 =’s 1,
3 =’s 1,
3 baby daddies,
1 broke sugar momma,

Are telling me,
Is bigger,
Then mine?

Living in a world in which date rape is night life,
Brothers paying for endless amounts of alcohol,
Getting in your pants a man’s first thought,

Doesn’t wanna’ meet your past,
Nor shake hands with your future,
Worried about feeding his hunger,

His hands grasp every woman while your not looking,
His eyes follow the lining in yoga pants,
Trying to tango with a woman yet doesn’t know how to make love,

If your with a man who believes twerking is pregame,
Doesn’t understand the meaning of spine caressing,
Gently aligning each misaligned joint in its place,
Waiting for your toes to reflex it an upwards position,

Are telling me,
Is bigger,
Then mine?

Teaching women how to dance around lies,
Rosa Park’s next generation,
The first African-American woman to fly around the world,
Teaching your child how to manage a fortune 500 instead of managing convicts in a BET video,

We live in a world in which gentleman disappeared,
Women with integrity died on impact,
Impartial to judgment,
Jury claimed verdict,
Vagina’s became a man’s doorway to pleasure,
He counts how many @sses he tapped,
Women count how many men she @ucked,

Past generations living off next generation children,
Christ centered individuals,
Jewish orthodox beliefs,
Muslim praying 5 times a day,
Same people,
Don’t matter the faith,

I ain’t picking parts from fields,
I gathered up the loot,
Witnessed Lot’s daughters perform sex on father,

No matter if your black or white,
Man or woman,

We all got children,
Grown @ss men acting senseless,

If memories fill your dresser drawer with empty condom wrappers,
I ain’t want nothing to do with you,

I’m waiting for the one,

Are telling me,
Is bigger,
Then mine?


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