Poets Ain’t Ordinary Men

The difference between a poet and an ordinary man,
People ask, “what can I learn from reading poetry”,
To begin,
Open mic poets have no boundaries,
We use picture dictionaries,
Letters perform cartwheels,
Words draw masterpieces without using explicit language.

An ordinary man will sing you’re the one,
Physical appearance,
Talk about your @ss being nice to handle,
He talks about the detail of your curves,

Poets start with the way your atoms connect,
How each skin particle reflects beautiful creation theories,
Describing star alignment from your ankle to your torso,
Being able to systematically mathematically work equations,
Equations engraving upon stones,
Making sure the world knows you encompass mathematical perfection,

An ordinary man will describe how your hips should move,
What your bed game should be like,
Paint you as an object of desire,

Poets start with your height,
Speak of intelligence masking superior intellect,
Imagination teaching knowledge how to dream,
Your eyes give the speed of light a run for its money,
Star Spangled Banner doesn’t qualify for astronomy,

Your neckline performs oral surgery on sunsets,
The ability to move your body from one direction to the other,
Shakes the universe into attention,
You have my attention,
Taking orders from you is what I live for,

Third example,
An ordinary man will talk about how he will have sex,
Speak of sounds and positions,
Mediocre lines meant to express body movements,

Poets express how to make love while the planets become in sync with our orbit,
How each leg movement makes complete 360 degree turns,
Hands meant to push away asteroids gently sweep your skin tone,
Causing hairs to become aroused from alignment,

In between silence,
Oceans will cover land,
Causing dry lips,
Needing water to survive,
Pleading for a poet to kiss you with his words,

The difference between a man and a poet,
Someone who seeks to get into your pants verse someone who wants your hand,

Poets look into the future to gaze upon the different ways we can perform concerts,
Painting the outline of your body into canvas,

I am a poet…


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