With Age Comes Ignorance

It’s getting old,
Which is why I believe,
With age comes ignorance,
Wisdom tailor-made suits worn by children,
Next person who says, “Your so young”,

History will catapult detailed encyclopedia biographies,
Everyday I read of quotes related to Israel gives birth to women,
Palestinians give birth to courage wrapped in a pint size of creation,

Wisdom, knowledge, experience,
If intellect had listened to your conscience,
If I learned anything from history,
Time after time of run-away lovers,
Only used and made a fool for others laughter,

Old men, grey wigs, white men,
Slavery, lynchings, watermelon racist cartoons,
Sambo stereotypes,
European dark ages,
Ancient Egypt was the @hit before America established genocide,

It took hundreds of years to learn from mistakes,
Dr. King was sitting in jail as the youth skipped school,
Hundred upon hundreds of graded middle school playing youngsters,
Protested, got arrested,
Nelson Mandela was in the spotlight,
Steve Biko protested,

White women picketed,
Women Suffrage,
New York held the largest plantation slavery farm,
With age does not come wisdom,
If history teaches,
Young minds draw on sidewalks with imagination 7 feet,

Between lines of “not right now”,
“Maybe later”,
“I heard someone say”,
My life filled with empty promises,
Crack addicts filled verbal promises,
“I promise”,
One speaks of “I won’t let you go”,
This serves as an eviction notice,
God-damn I didn’t know God created uncivilized pedestrians,

The time I spent writing these lines,
Coke lines are more valuable than the lines you gave me,
If history had guarded my life,
Lives were spent thrown overboard over broken contracts,
From the Atlantic to broken Treaties,
Dog fighting, whipped and lashed over slavery lines from the bible,
If words could be repeated,
Age shows wisdom did not come across your shadow,

I ain’t confused,
We just gotta’ check the history date,
Misplaced romantic comedies,
History channel proclaims red-light district misconceptions,
Playing likes and dislikes,
“I like it if you did this”,
“This really turns me on”,
What became of “my father’s son” and “my mother’s daughter”,

To good to be true men,
It takes women without sense,
Since the first generation of Muslims had passed,
Using perception over prescribed medication,
It’s called sunnah and the Quran,
With young minds comes unlocked intellect,
Attention to detail,
Started revolutions,
Racist badges got wives like u waiting back home,
Society gave birth to death’s children,

On one side we got a force to be reckoned with,
Told silence is golden,
14-year-old African-American,
16-year-old Somali fresh from the boat,
13-year-old Cherokee girl listens to European history books,
Picture this…
White therapist,
White nurse,
White teacher,
Black teacher, Texas school,
Single mothers got families,
Single mothers, 4 kids,
Studio apartment, free breakfast program,
Mickey’s diner,
Motel room,
Each man gives 3 hundred,
Puts twenty-dollar in her panty line,
Understands history books are deep-rooted baseball bats along vertebrate bones,

As a poet, I may not have what you seek,
But I have what you need,
Just as the world map hides the bones of your uncle,
Grandfather’s father,
Country lines assassinated tribal dialogue,
With age does not come wealth,
Secession does not make million dollar condos,

3 kids walking in the middle of the street,
One slightly older skeleton using the sidewalk,
Persisted interaction,
Doesn’t remember what home was like,
Got used to American dollar signs,
Became turned on by the streets,
Forgot they are covered red,
Had teenage dreams, rebel forces expected,
Couldn’t understand the difference between got it lucky and phoenix resurrection,

One child stands tall,
Faintly short,
Footsteps heard from Chicago shootings,
Philadelphia hangings,
Atlanta gang killing,
Doesn’t know if today brings a family dinner,
Death by drive by shooting,
Watched grandma’s funeral,
Momma’ overdosed,
Had sex with her pimp one last time,
Father in prison,
Uncle one old bastard,
Eyes brown,
Hair uncut,
Skin carves roots from white house bricks,
Feet play rewind from cotton picking,

Young woman doesn’t know her roots,
Family ties back to Black Panthers,
Gene pool gave way to bold and behold,
Barely old enough to understand what it means to please,
Knows the instructions of unzipping boys pants during lunch,
Hair tied back,
Shoes tied straight,
Knees dark from garden dirt,
Hands bruised from fighting for life,

Last child doesn’t have a name,
Not a gender,
Not a race,
Country of origin unknown,
Whether we watch unbutton shirts,
Family members say “its alright”,
Eyes supposed to be sweet,
Waiting for revenge,

With age comes ignorance,
You speak, “you’re so young”,
I refer you to the land of forgotten cemeteries,
Children hiding in backseat of cars,
Sleeping under bridges waiting for winter to fly,
This ain’t about age,
It’s about your ignorance being understood by your conscience…


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