Earth Is An Escort On A Leash

When you come across a single palm tree,
Single palms stress deeper roots,
Charismatic matters blanket solitude,
Historians speak quietly,
Poets die loudly,
Celebrities remembered unethically,

Spiritually questioning fairy tales,
Pleading the 5th represents instability,
Deem me fit,
Conquering dreams deemed fit for Jin,
Tempt me not,
I ask you this,
Jewish Orthodox, prostitutes,
Catholic priests, shopaholic,
Imams, churches and masjid,
Soldiers, country flags,
Police, racism,
Skin color, guns, silver bullets,
Full moon, temptress,
Sudanese templates,
What do they have in common?

Been walking nightlife on a leash,
It wore cat-like stockings,
Had cat-like reflexes,
Spoke with an Arabic tongue,
Poetry without using French,
Thigh high boots,
Skin color 2 complex to describe,
Stereotypes would sort between black and white,
In regards to what fairness pleads,
Others say Caramel walked with a limp,

In my opinion,
Humble words pull teeth,
Lets speak plainly,
White men rape women,
Look at statistics,
Black males ages 16 through 40 are thrown in prison,
Innocent until proven guilty not followed,
Till death do us part,
We follow someone’s news feed,
Justice we will ignore,
Another child malnutrition commercial on our TV,

We have been talking about a leash,
In the same manner Orthodox Jews talk about Israel,
Christians speak of being born,
Police hiding behind a gun and a badge,
Slaughtering children without having the gift of being born,
Question my morals but the barrel of the gun seems to be racist,
Hands seem to be ravaging between Cracker jacks and dark skin,
Whiteness doesn’t give innocence,
Blackness doesn’t give off criminality,

Blanket statements,
Seduction is societies mistress,
Inclined to recline,
Distressed without depressing,
Subliminal methodologies create creativity,
It is at this time I walk delight on a leash,
Down the block my hands become sweat lodges,
Back against post-modernism,
Moderate language,
Explicit sentences,

She lights up a cigarette before her first client arrives,
Just as a catholic priest unzips his pants before a boy gets in the confessional,
When the clock strikes midnight,
Streetlights paint Beethoven with eyes,
Mozart wishes he was Shakespeare’s right hand,
She wished she hadn’t let her uncle lay his hands upon her waist,
Unapologetically Europeans delivered sermons after childish behavior,

It was relinquished rights,
Wall street hid underground tunnels as slaves channeled anger,
The stock exchange sold slaves as the first stocks were bought,
A detective asks to be her first client,
His thirst more important,
A badge not meant as a symbol of red, white, and blue,

Before she drops her culturally relevant ritual,
Straightening her non-existent attire,
She wishes she could retire,
A 10-year-old girl wishes she could retire from the lemonade business,
A 16-year-old boy wishes he could retire,
Make it to the NBA and escape a life of crime,
When in fact red-lining and racism corned him in the ghetto,
Gave him a means to an end,

She would fix her top,
Take the leash from her neck,
All along forgetting about the ankle bracelets,
Bruising drawing maps between Africa and the Americas,
Whips holding thighs open,
As the oppressor oppresses the oppressed,
The oppressed learn the tactics from master,
She didn’t let him know she has a venereal disease,
His pleasure masks his intellect,

In a world that relies on leashes,
She gets from the car after he felt all he could feel,
Ripped leggings and 100 dollars in her hand,
Neck marks, scratches, choke marks,
While she learns to mask pain and pleasure,
Imams hide truth reading from a government Friday prayer,
The government being a broken soldier,
The imam ending up in the same predicament as an escort,
The only difference they don’t get paid the same,

As we are walked along by a leash,
Reality tips the scale between potatoes and tomatoes,
Between wrong or right,
Black or white,
Homeless on the street,
Frost bitten and blisters,
Travesty ain’t in my trajectory,
Tragic accidents collide between atmospheric particles,
Just another day for reality,
We fail to see what tomorrow could hold…


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