Boxes upon boxes,
Edges deepen wounds,
Shock therapy ain’t a joke,
Causing wreck-less driving,
Foot to the pedal,
Self destructive,
Counting skeletons,

Park benches,
Cold temperature,
Cheek barren,
Sand dune revisiting,
Frostbite in the summer,

Each star in the sky falls upon my lap,
Writing his or her name in the dirt,
Creating a motion picture upon water,
No camera needed,
Me and destiny going over fairy tales,

Used to wait for time to tell,
Skipping rocks,
Watching vibrate splashes causing violent ripples,
Witnessed death at the hand of starvation,
Burying children no parent should ever witness,
Helping hands covered the casket,
Each shovel pounded the top of the casket,
Watching disease strike selfishly,
Love violently ripped from rib-cages of little ones,

They couldn’t believe it was time,
Had dreams of high school,
Getting married,
Holding sons and daughters,
Growing old,
Grand children,

Mass graves face paint old nightmares,
Nightly revisiting faces of those who screamed,
Set on fire for being Somali in South Africa,
Rwanda genocide carries emotional torture,
Imagine at child-birth,
Tanzanian doctor tells you the only way to cure aids,
Is to have sex with your baby,
If you bury the baby in the ground,
Majestic flower-tips will blossom,

Sleeping alone impossible,
Closing my eyes not possible,
Impossible to forget,
Every morning,
I would give Bella one dollar,
Barely 10,
Wore overalls,
Listened to reggae,
Wore country boots,
Buck tooth and loved to read,
Made the best lemonade,

I arrived the next day,
Same time,
Same place,
Black SUV rolled through,
Within minutes she was on the ground,
No one believed,
She was pronounced dead 10 minutes later,

Normal people watch death on the TV,
Got a roof over their head,
Got a mother or father,
Sometimes both,
At least one is alive,
The closest they come old memories as a child,
When asked when was the last time you visited home,
They would reply when I was a child,

Some speak of an aunt, uncle,
In rare cases,
Mother got cancer,
Tragic accident having to do with a close family member,
Maybe he or she speaks of being lost in a city without knowing the language,

If you had my eyes,
You would have seen a young child being held,
Eyes blue,
Life leaving,
Cold finger-tips,
Shallow breathing,
Whispering in my ear,
I will save a spot for you in heaven,

This life was not made for us to enjoy,
It was given to us as torture,

Without help,
Without love,
Without support,

It is impossible to survive without leaving,
Life of a soldier ain’t easy,
Try on these shoes,
I won’t make you choose…


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