Glasses Ain’t Poverty

Just because you don’t see money don’t mean I’m broke,
Just because I ain’t got what others have don’t mean I got nothing,
Having nothing in this world makes it so I have everything in this world,
Having everything in this world gives me everything in the next,

Meet me halfway around the world,
Climb the Eiffel Tower,
Get lost in the Sahara,
Walk through the Amazon,

Read these palms,
Simple plan,
Simple man,
Simple blueprint,

I worked hard all my life,
God gave me what I deserved,
Not one penny more,
Not one penny less,

When people antagonize,
They ask,
Spewing rude remarks,
How can you have nothing to eat?
Nowhere to sleep?

What you don’t see is what I witness,
What your thankful for I ain’t blessed with,
What you hold in your hands I dream about,

As I walk through gardens and Adam’s (pbuh) Apple Tree,
Roses cutting my finger on thorns,
Waiting for you to be my medic,

Everyday walking different routes but the same path,
Stumbling upon old heritage,
Native people’s burial grounds,
Homeless couples laugh at business men performing circle eights,

What you see is not what God gifted,
Not what the world received,
FedEx delivery sign on the dotted line,
I walked in plain sight,

The ghetto of ghettos,
Bombs, guns, genocide in the middle east,
My people,
Family, friends, enemies,
All they saw was a man who fears God,
Afraid to ask for more,

That in which,
He does not deserve…


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