72 Hours

Swept the floor waiting for the hand to strike,
Broken home,
Conquered mysterious lands,

Waited for eternity,
Turning tables,
Wasn’t afraid of rapture,
Judgment day didn’t matter,

Father figure-less,
Condemned buildings sung face paintings,
Face palm,
Used and abused,
Couldn’t take it,
Ran the underground railroad,

I ain’t no saint,
No judgment,
But hear me,
Don’t doubt me,

The first day,
I picked up silence between your words,
In each syllable was a short story,
Train tracks ran across acting as a string quartet,

Tightened memories,
Afraid of getting close,
Don’t trust men who speak hollow words,

The first day I witnessed,
Dreamt life,
I had been standing alone,
Afraid of dying alone,

I felt,
Eternal happiness,

Felt your hand against mine,
Felt your head against my chest,
Felt your lips against my neck,

I never witnessed paradise,
That night I dreamed of paradise,
Was able to physically describe Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from my dreams,
Never needing another woman,
Only needing you turned into wanting none other,

24 hours,
Prize possession,
I came across your struggles,
Past obligations,
Delegating desire over deen,

I didn’t judge,
I looked past broken frames,
I closed captioned future,
Saw you as Allah’s (s.w.c) creation,
You deserve a chance to complete your deen,

24 hours,
I didn’t care what others said,
What I heard,
What I thought,
I let you speak,

I let it go,
I let Allah (s.w.c) hide your missteps,
Allah (s.w.c) will hide our own,
If we protect one another,
I fell in love with what you became,

24 hours,
It became a game of cat and mouse,
Reading between the lines,
I prayed for resurrection,

From Isha to Fajr,
I prayed for forgiveness,
I wept in the Masjid,
I asked Allah (s.w.c) to protect you,

Before I fell in love with your strength,
It was your struggle,
I had been listening to your future,
I fell in love with your change of character,

You became a Muslimah who is feared,
By this world and the hereafter,
Shaitan fears what you will accomplish,

Strong, courageous, not afraid to fall,
In perfect position to pray,
A female version of Khalid bin Waleed (ra),

The words you were speaking shifted beauty,
Each letter stretched,
Laid itself across the sidewalk,
I saw your figure in chalk on the sidewalk,

Beautifully stunning,
I never will forget what I saw in you,
I’m a man who came from the bottom,
I fell in love with a woman who will bring me closer to Allah (s.w.c),

Each phrase,
Gave me a glimpse of your curves,
How your nose curves,
Eyes easy to look into,
A sunset pictured,

Your smile stretched across west to east,
Hanging on all your life to Allah (s.w.c),
You got a full grasp,
Let me put my hand over yours so we can clench our deen together,

24 hours,
It was the most magnificent,
Some men will talk,
Look how she walks,
Reminding us what should be a lowered gaze,

What I saw in you,
It was unforgettable,

I was 5 years old,
Thirsty and went down to the kitchen,
My mother was about to shoot up,
The needle in her arm clenched,
Gave me cookies and a glass of milk,
Kissed me and tucked me in,

When you talk about your loved ones,
Your little one,
I hear your vocal chord murmur love and sorrow,
Sorrow if they are taken away from you,

72 hours I fell in love with a mother,
I fell in love with someone’s sister,
I fell in love with someone’s daughter,

In the end,
You don’t need to believe me,
That it took 72 hours,
I ask is for your attention,

Let me show you the blessings,
Let me cover your ears,
Let me cover your eyes,
Let me protect you,

I will give my years to God,
If means you were to live…


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